Spiritfarer for Xbox One
Xbox One


Aug 18, 2020
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Content Rating: Teen


Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying. As ferrymaster to the deceased, build a boat to explore the world, care for your spirit friends, and guide them across mystical seas to finally release them into the afterlife. What will you leave behind?

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Jun 18, 2021

If you're Depressed,Lonely or just bored. Try this game the Graphics and atmosphere is so nice and cool, it relieves stress.

Explore the seas and meet new 'animal people' which might be your new crew mate?

the characters you meet is nice and cute. Plus the newest update they added was Co op, so you can play with a friend And explore the seas together.

The weather and Music is Amazing.you can take amazing photos of the backgrounds. If you own Gamepass you can start playing.

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Heidi HawesDec 28, 2020
I was genuinely shocked by just how much I came to care about the spirits in my care. Learning about them and helping them move on gave the management sim side of the game have a lot more meaning. It’s a fun, sweet, and surprisingly addictive game that will stick with you long after you’ve stopped playing.
Ryan TaylorAug 20, 2020
The topic of death is sensitive, but it’s one many of us can connect with and Spiritfarer manages to strike the chords it needs to make that connection. All I can do is recommend that you pick up a copy of Spiritfarer on Xbox One yourself so you can see the story unfold in the way it was meant to be experienced.
Stefan BriesenickAug 23, 2020
What is particularly cute is that two people can play together on one system because Stella is not alone on her journey - her brave cat Daffodil is always by her side. Much of this game is very charming, but in the end, the studio's most convincing quality is once more the game's visual style. However, Spiritfarer definitely has the potential to make a big impression if you take the necessary time to explore the characters and their world.

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