Sparklite for Xbox One
Xbox One


Nov 14, 2019
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Developer: Red Blue Games
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Sparklite is a roguelite brawler-adventure. Using an arsenal of gadgets, guns, and gear, they will battle foes in top-down action combat, solve puzzles, and explore dangerous corners of the world in search of missing gyrocopter parts in an effort to save the Sparklite.

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Ken McKownJan 28, 2020
In the end Sparklite feels like a game that could have been great, but ended up just being good. It leaned too heavily into shoehorning in mechanics that did not need to be there. With a little more focus and some expansion on its ideas it could have been something special. As it stands it is yet another pixelated indie game that I will enjoy experiencing, but be hard pressed to remember.
Rob TurnbullNov 15, 2019
The core loop to Sparklite certainly holds some appeal, the loop sucking you into just one more go – time and time again. Fans of procedurally generated rogue-likes will find ample here to keep the interest and perhaps even new players may be drawn into the loop too.
Alex Santa MariaNov 15, 2019
Linear takes on roguelikes often feature lots of variety and plenty of unique hooks. The world of Sparklite feels drab in comparison. It feels like you’ve been here a hundred times before in a hundred other games. It’s yet another game in a long line of titles like it that use the trappings of roguelikes without really delving into what makes that genre tick. Sparklite is a painfully static game that can’t overcome its inspirations or its ambitions. Whether you’re looking for a retro throwback, a new obsession, or something in-between, there are far better options than this sleepy clunker.

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