Slender: The Arrival for Xbox One
Xbox One

Slender: The Arrival

Mar 25, 2015

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Content Rating: Teen


The Arrival features true survival horror gameplay; forcing players to explore human emotions in an unsettling, haunting world. This is a game about survival -- use your instincts to get out alive. The Arrival pushes gamers further over the edge past what they experienced in the first game with more levels and improved visuals accompanying its engaging storyline. Once players complete the core game, they’ll gain access to new flashback levels that will put them in the shoes of Slender Man's victims.

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Travis HuberMar 25, 2015
Overall, Slender: The Arrival was pretty well done. It has issues. Make no mistake. There were a lot of glitches (unintentional ones), a lot of scaling and framerate issues, as well as limited controls, vast amounts of dead space, and a story that could still be fleshed out more before being a contender.
Alex LangleyMar 31, 2015
Slender Man captured the internet's imagination because of what a great embodiment of terror he is; he's uncaring, unstoppable, and unknown. Slender: The Arrival manages to dull Slendy's mystique by shining a light on him and revealing his terrible secret: he's the star of a really crappy video game.
Bryan Dupont-GrayApr 01, 2015
Slender: The Arrival boasts some genuinely scary moments, but offers little beyond them. Chapters serve as a mini party game with friends, making this point-and-click game more of a horror movie than an actual interactive scare fest. The lack of a real story dampers things further, and if by some weird chance that players suffer the Slenderman hunt a second time, the feeling of that genuine fright will be long gone.

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