Sky Force Reloaded for Xbox One
Xbox One

Sky Force Reloaded

Dec 1, 2017

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Developer: Infinite Dreams
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Sky Force Reloaded is a classic shoot ‘em up experience packed in gorgeous visuals and excellent gameplay. Enjoy flashy explosions, beautiful scenery and massive bosses in single player or local cooperative modes.

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Justin CelaniDec 08, 2017
I’ve always enjoyed the genre, and everything in Sky Force Reloaded is solid enough. From a visual, gameplay, and soundtrack standpoint, I’m more than happy. I just can’t shake this feeling that the game was designed to kill hours on the phone, and for me it just doesn’t translate into a great home console experience.
Mark SherwoodDec 04, 2017
Sky Force Reloaded is easy to pick up, hard to put down, and even harder to master. With a vast portion of collectables, upgrades and power-ups to chase after, this game will easily have you coming back for that proverbial one last attempt, time and time again. If you enjoy top-down shooters, Reloaded is far from the best, but it’s still an addition to the genre that fans wont want to pass on.
Andrew ReinerJan 18, 2018
Most people that devote time to leveling up should be able to finish the game on the standard difficulty, but beating it on insane requires plenty of skill. I enjoyed almost every run – both in single-player and local co-op. Having a friend at your side helps in farming and taking down harder stages, but also creates more chaos to decipher. Sky Force is a long-running series, but this is the first entry that truly hooked me and made me want to play more just to see how ridiculously overpowered my ship could become.

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