Serious Sam 4 for Xbox One
Xbox One

Serious Sam 4

2021 SOON

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About this game

Developer: Croteam


Another major installment in the series of brutal and bloody shooters developed by the Croatian Croteam studio. The story of this part is set before the events of the third installment, in which Sam had to face the forces of the main antagonist - Mental in a futuristic, virtual version of ancient Egypt. Mental's goal was, obviously, to take over the Earth. However, the story in this new installment seems to be a bit more mature. In terms of gameplay, Serious Sam 4 remains faithful to the core mechanics of the series - the player once again eliminates entire hordes of enemies using a wide array of diversified weapons. What has changed however, is the approach to the players, who are now given significantly more freedom and huge open maps where even more dark creatures await them. When it comes to technology, the game is powered by Serious Engine 4, the improved version of the original, accompanied by motion capture and photogrammetry technologies.