Sea of Thieves for Xbox One
Xbox One

Sea of Thieves

Mar 20, 2018
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About this game

Developer: Rare
Content Rating: Teen


The freedom of the pirate life awaits in Rare's next adventurous voyage! Sea of Thieves is a shared world adventure game in which players form crews, set sail and seek legendary treasures. Pirates will be armed with all the trimmings from your favourite pirate adventures: rusted compasses, sturdy shovels, deadly blunderbusses and no shortage of weather-beaten maps.

Critic Reviews

45 Reviews
William SchwartzMar 20, 2018
Jack of many trades, master of none. Sea of Thieves has a beautiful, wide ocean to explore. It’s too bad that it feels about as deep as a puddle.
Brandin TyrrelMar 27, 2018
Whether or not I was having fun with Sea of Thieves boiled down to the people I was playing with. Though Sea of Thieves has an excellent foundation for something truly great down the road, it has some glaring issues with variety, progression, and rewards that need tweaking. As it stands at launch, it’s genuinely good fun with friends, but progressing to Pirate Legend is a long grind.
Michael RuizMar 29, 2018
Sea of Thieves is a mixed bag of emotions for me. It’s a great social experience to play with a group of friends and sail on the prettiest water you will ever see in a video game. It’s also bogged down by tedious and repetitive voyages that reward you with meager pay. When you can eventually purchase an item, it will only affect how you look.


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