Sea of Solitude for Xbox One
Xbox One

Sea of Solitude

Jul 5, 2019
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Developer: Jo-Mei GmbH
Content Rating: Teen


An episodic action platformer that deals with themes of love and loneliness. In Sea of Solitude you play as a young girl named Kay, who begins to transform into a dark monster one day. During her solitary journey across the flooded world Kay is trying to find out what exactly is happening to her. Soon she realizes that her true enemy are not monsters encountered on the way, but something much more powerful and dangerous. Gameplay in Sea of Solitude is presented in third-person perspective, and focuses on exploration, solving logic puzzles, and completing arcade challenges. The protagonist can run, jump, swim (or travel by boat), and move various objects in order to open a way for herself to hardly accessible places. Sea of Solitude stands out with its original graphics, resembling an animated motion picture. The game also conveys a deeper meaning, the message being that a desperately lonely person may gradually become a monster.

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Lewis S

Lewis S

Dec 24, 2021
Yasemin Nihan Baseden

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Janet GarciaJul 05, 2019
Sea of Solitude gives you a beautiful world and an intriguing story but the gameplay fails to evolve enough to make this a compelling adventure.
Jukka PiiraJul 09, 2019
When Sea of Solitude states it’s a personal journey, it really is so. It could be about anyone’s passage to understand better not only themselves but also the people around them and that’s the game’s biggest strength.
GrayshadowJul 05, 2019
Sea of Solitude tackles a lot of sensitives themes and while the platforming and puzzle solving is mostly generic, the incredible monsters and presentation kept breathing life into the adventure. Seeing and resolving the issues each of these massive creatures was facing did, for the most part, have unexpected results but by the end, the story's finale was easily predictable. Sea of Solitude starts strong but cannot hold on to that strong momentum.

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