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Salt and Sanctuary

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Leo FariaFeb 05, 2019
Salt and Sanctuary isn’t just recommended to fans of Dark Souls. It’s a game that anyone who likes a well-crafted and challenging should experience. The developers have masterfully crafted a title that clearly borrows elements from other games while still managing to retain such a strong personality of its own. I had some issues with its art style and technical performance, but I still fully recommend Salt and Sanctuary. Being salty has never been this fun.
Mark SherwoodFeb 10, 2019
It would be all too easy to compare this to the Souls series, but in truth, Salt and Sanctuary deserves a spotlight entirely of its own. It’s a dark and twisted journey that constantly relays a remarkable amount of depth, variety, innovation, and detail. Its greatest achievement, however, is not that of its outstanding structure, but its ability to frequently entice its players, despite how often it screws them over. This, is a punishing must have.
Phil NeymanFeb 04, 2019
For a game that is a couple years old and just now appearing on Xbox this is surprising, but other than that the game plays great. Controls are precise and you always feel in control of your character. If you’re looking for a “Souls-Like” Metroidvania, look no further. This is a brutally challenging game so keep that in mind if you choose to take it for a spin.
Jörg LuiblFeb 06, 2019
Salt and Sanctuary ist nicht nur eine liebevolle Hommage, sondern die beste direkte Interpretation der Soulsreihe als 2D-Plattformer. Wer es subtiler und indirekter mag, spielt am besten das fabelhafte Hollow Knight.
Theo WeberFeb 20, 2019
Zeker als je bedenkt dat de game je voor 18 euro minstens 20 uur bezig zal houden met het verkennen van een gevaarlijke, maar prachtige wereld. Jammer genoeg oog die wereld soms wat dof en kun je niet online samen spelen. Deze minpuntjes nemen wij met een korreltje zout, gezien de rest van de game staat als een huis.