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Ludwig KietzmannFeb 19, 2016
Rocket League transcends its chaotic mishmash of sports, racing and fighting to create an elegant and endlessly competitive game for the ages.
Kyle HansonFeb 18, 2016
Rocket League takes simple game mechanics and turns them into a tight, engaging experience that will have you coming back for hours upon hours of gaming fun. Everything that worked in the PS4 and PC versions works just as well on Xbox One, with only some slight technical limitations holding it back. Overall though, this is the same sports gaming masterpiece that it was last year, and is worthy of joining any Xbox One owner's library.
Brandin TyrrelFeb 23, 2016
Rocket League on Xbox One brings the same excitement to a whole new audience. Though it’s missing cross-platform play here, its totally deserved success to-date ensures that matchmaking lobbies are still filled with players. With its already budget price, and bonus DLC content thrown in, there’s never been a better time to pick up Rocket League.
Oliver VanDervoortMar 03, 2016
Rocket League made a lot of waves when it was first released on the PS4. Considering this Xbox One version has some add-ons packed in, it is, at the very least just as good if not just a touch better.
Jaz RignallFeb 23, 2016
Rocket League is simple in concept - it's basically soccer with cars - yet it works brilliantly as a multiplayer game. It's incredibly easy to pick up as a beginner, but learning the intricacies of its controls takes many, many hours. And doing so is a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Ken McKownMar 02, 2016
Rocket League lives up to the hype surrounding it. For Xbox One players who have been envious of PS4 and PC players, your moment is here. Everything works even when it shouldn’t, and the game provides hours of entertainment. Solo it is fun, with friends it is a blast. This is not a title to miss.
GameCentralFeb 18, 2016
There’s a very old school feel about Rocket League, from the emphasis on splitscreen multiplayer to the inherent simplicity of the whole concept. That’s not a criticism or caveat though, instead it’s an acknowledgement that this is the sort of thing that gaming needs more of. You don’t need to like football, cars, or even video games to enjoy Rocket League; you just need to like having fun.
Nicola Ardron Feb 18, 2016
There is very little to criticise about, but perhaps the cars could be made to feel a little weightier, and the physics do seem a little off at times, but it seems churlish to pick up on these things when what has been delivered by Psyonix is a fantastically fun, frenetic multiplayer game. You don’t need to like football, or even driving games to enjoy Rocket League, just some friends, a couple of controllers, and a perfect “BACK OF THE NET”.
Ken BarnesFeb 23, 2016
Relatively very minor gripes aside, Rocket League is a genuinely new type of game that provides addictive, enjoyable, skill-based fun that doesn't prevent new players from joining the fray and which never threatens to become dull. Even folks who aren't necessarily excited by football, sports in general, or cars will find something to love here and for many, it'll become their new favourite pastime. This is absolutely superb and will keep you entertained for many, many hours.
Alberto PastorFeb 22, 2016
¿A que nunca imaginabas testarazos, voleas o centros al área con un coche? Rocket League es la forma perfecta de hacerlo. El videojuego es un entretenimiento formidable tanto si lo queremos disfrutar en partidas a través de internet como si queremos hacerlo con nuestros amigos en el sofá y con unas cervezas. Diversión, risas y entretenimiento en estado puro que tras mucho esperar, por fin está disponible en Xbox One.
David Alonso HernándezFeb 19, 2016
Un apartado técnico muy sencillo, pero que cumple a la perfección su cometido y que destaca por la fluidez con la que se mueve todo, pone la guinda a un genial ejemplo de cómo debe ser un título descargable y, sobre todo, a una estupenda demostración de las posibilidades de diversión que proporcionan las partidas online multijugador.
Cyanide CokeFeb 25, 2016
Aunque nos seguimos muriendo por un modo espectáculo y más modos de juego, Rocket League en Xbox One presenta la misma maravillosa experiencia que ya conocemos con algunas adiciones exclusivas, a un excelente precio y con solo 2.55GB de peso. Definitivamente si no lo has jugado, no lo debes dejar pasar.
Juan GarciaFeb 29, 2016
Además, estamos ante la versión más completa del juego, por contener casi todos los DLCs lanzados hasta la fecha. Solo el hecho de que no exista juego cruzado con el resto de plataformas y que aún haya pequeñas aristas en cuanto a conectividad y rendimiento gráfico (que se mejorarán con un parche), evita que Rocket League en Xbox One sea la versión definitiva del título de Psyonix.
PanthaaFeb 19, 2016
Rocket League s'assume totalement comme suite d'un ovni délirant et propose le même concept, remis au goût du jour. Si l'expérience solo laisse un petit goût de frustration, à cause d'une durée de vie limitée et d'une IA tantôt totalement nulle tantôt trop précise suivant le niveau de difficulté choisi, le vrai potentiel du jeu se dévoile clairement en multijoueur.
Rosario SalatielloFeb 18, 2016
A meno che negli ultimi mesi non abbiate davvero viaggiato nello spazio, su Rocket League c'è davvero poco che non sia già stato detto. Si tratta infatti di un titolo che vi prenderà immediatamente con la sua carica di divertimento, richiedendo però allo stesso tempo ore e ore di gioco per essere padroneggiato. L'edizione Xbox One, effettuata in modo ottimo dal punto di vista tecnico, è impreziosita dalla quantità di contenuti. Peccato invece per il cross-play.
Sebastiaan QuekelFeb 24, 2016
Het lange wachten is daar: één van de leukste en meest simpele indiegames van het moment is gearriveerd op de Xbox One: Rocket League. Net als op de andere platformen bevat de indiegame ook hier een plezierige en chaotische multiplayer die uiterst geschikt is voor korte sessies. We hadden alleen graag gezien dat de makers het leed van het lange wachten hadden verzacht met aanvullende of verbeterde gameplay, want met een paar exclusieve auto's maken ze zich het er wel heel gemakkelijk vanaf.