Rocket League for Xbox One
Xbox One

Rocket League

Feb 17, 2016

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About this game

Developer: Psyonix
Content Rating: Everyone


Soccer meets driving once again in the award-winning, physics-based multiplayer-focused sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars! Choose a variety of high-flying vehicles equipped with huge rocket boosters to score amazing aerial goals and pull off incredible, game-changing saves!

Critic Reviews

15 Reviews
Jaz RignallFeb 23, 2016
Rocket League is simple in concept - it's basically soccer with cars - yet it works brilliantly as a multiplayer game. It's incredibly easy to pick up as a beginner, but learning the intricacies of its controls takes many, many hours. And doing so is a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Ken McKownMar 02, 2016
Rocket League lives up to the hype surrounding it. For Xbox One players who have been envious of PS4 and PC players, your moment is here. Everything works even when it shouldn’t, and the game provides hours of entertainment. Solo it is fun, with friends it is a blast. This is not a title to miss.
Ludwig KietzmannFeb 19, 2016
Rocket League transcends its chaotic mishmash of sports, racing and fighting to create an elegant and endlessly competitive game for the ages.

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