Road to Guangdong for Xbox One
Xbox One

Road to Guangdong

Aug 28, 2020
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Developer: Just Add Oil Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Assume the role of Sunny on the road trip of a lifetime with her Aunt Guu Ma. Drive and maintain your dilapidated old car as you journey through 1990s Guangdong, China, meeting with relatives and rekindling relationships to save your family restaurant.Drive across China in the beloved but weathered family car, ‘Sandy’. Take care of your tyres, fuel consumption and engine condition as you navigate the beautiful province of Guangdong. An epic journey in such an old car isn’t going to be easy – be prepared to take a look under the hood. Add oil, manage petrol, maintain the engine and build a stock of useful parts to avoid calling out the mechanic.Play as Sunny, a 23-year-old art graduate, as she joins 68-year-old aunt Guu Ma on a road trip to rekindle her family restaurant. Unexpectedly inheriting her family’s restaurant, Sunny is tasked with reigniting relationships, and establishing her place in the family, on her quest to secure and recreate secret recipes.Navigate narrative puzzles and moral choices as you select dialogue and shape Sunny’s character. Sunny and Guu Ma’s relationship will be tested and evolve throughout a road trip that will change both of their lives.

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Jukka PiiraAug 26, 2020
In this context, it’s heartless to moan about some gameplay and design issues, like mostly uneventful driving parts or linear nature of family meetings where a failure is hardly an option. All these gripes are fully acceptable if you put your heart into the game. Road to Guangdong might not be the next must-buy hit but it has more humanity to share than most games out there put together.
Dave OsborneAug 16, 2020
Too slight to be seriously considered a Ja-copy of Jalopy, Road to Guandong has some adorable visual-novel moments that focus on family. It’s just a shame, then, that the road trip sections to reach them are so lifeless.
Apophis1989Mar 15, 2022
Overall, I would describe the game as having a big heart. From the devs making changes after early access feedback, to the characters, and the story of the importance of family, you can feel the love in the game. I was heartbroken when I failed a mission, leaving with no recipe and a family member that wouldn’t visit the restaurant. The difficulty isn’t too bad, even though there isn’t a proper tutorial.

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