Powerstar Golf for Xbox One
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Powerstar Golf

Nov 22, 2013
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Developer: Zoë Mode
Content Rating: Everyone


Powerstar Golf takes your game to new heights with innovative new features never before seen in a golf game. Play through beautifully stylized 18-hole courses in exotic locations, unlocking new characters and gear as you go. Each unique character has strengths to leverage, customized gear to unlock, and a special ability all their own. With hundreds of clubs, balls, and unique sets of gear, you’ll find a million ways to step up your game and impress your friends!

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Feb 27, 2020

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Carolyn PetitNov 25, 2013
Thankfully, Powerstar Golf makes your time on the links enjoyable, whether or not you have any interest in sinking money into microtransactions to get some extra goodies. This game covers well-trodden territory, but the way that it tracks your performance and the performance of your friends makes it a fine fit for the Xbox One's launch lineup, and a pleasant way to spend some time.
Tristan OgilvieNov 18, 2013
Powerstar Golf manages to successfully marry an old-school arcade golf experience with some decidedly new-school ideas. The lack of proper online multiplayer is a bit of a blow, but the Rivals mode has the potential to provide an ongoing challenge after you’ve scooped up all of the career medals. It’s not a complete hole in (Xbox) One for golf fans, but it’s a good deal of fun if you desperately want to hit the links on your new machine.
Luke BrownNov 27, 2013
Powerstar Golf borrows a lot of what works from other, better golf games, but does an admirable job being it’s the only golf game on the next-gen market. There’s a lot of content here for the price, but most of that content is hidden away in collectible card packs, which can suffocate your progress at times. Still, Zoe Mode has done a nice job with Powerstar, and with four courses and six characters, you shouldn’t run out of excuses to play a round any time soon.

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