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Sep 4, 2018
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Developer: Bluehole Studio
Content Rating: Teen


From the makers of the best-selling PC phenomenon, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds drops players into a competitive survival battle where you’ll engage in a heart-racing fight to be the last player left alive. Loot supplies, find weapons and gear-up to take on the competition in a solo or team squad match. Emerge the lone survivor in a thrilling game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments.

Critic Reviews

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Christian VazSep 06, 2018
While PUBG’s Xbox version is still a far cry from perfection, it’s a competent port that encapsulates the same Battle Royale experience BlueHole has been providing on PC for a while. Despite the console version still not being quite up to the standard that I’d hope for at the 1.0 update, the experience carries over well and the game is certainly playable if you aren’t picky about its performance. If the standard of the PC version of the game is anything to go by, let’s just say that the Xbox port could be a hell of a lot worse.
David JagneauxSep 14, 2018
PUBG v1.0 on Xbox One runs smoothly, features three vastly different maps, and includes a ton of weapons, gear, and items to use in the deadliest online game. Its unique brand of tense, realistic shooting mixed with slow-paced tactical combat manages to stay fresh and exciting even after hundreds of matches. It makes coming back for another attempt at a “chicken dinner” victory hard to resist.
William SchwartzDec 12, 2017
While every person’s tolerance is going to be different when it comes to bugs, it’s hard to recommend staying on the sidelines even with the preview tag on this game.  Whether you enjoy the solo experience or want to team-up for duos or squad matches, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Xbox One might be the last must play release on consoles this year for multiplayer shooter fans. 

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