Outlast 2 for Xbox One
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Outlast 2

Apr 25, 2017
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Developer: Red Barrels
Content Rating: Mature


No conflict is ever black and white. But once the dust has settled, the victors get to decide who was right and who was wrong. Who is good and who is evil. Human nature pushes us to extremes of violence and depravity, which we then justify by divine inspiration and a promise of paradise to come. Horror rises from desperation and blind faith. OUTLAST 2 will test your faith, pushing players to a place where going mad is the only sane thing to do.

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Christopher CokeApr 24, 2017
Outlast 2 is an excellent horror game. It’s frightening, repulsive, and filled with the thrilling anxiety of the best games of its type. It does exactly what a sequel should. It delivers on all of the refinements and expansions you would expect to find three years from the original; and though its larger environments sometimes lead to repeated deaths, they also amplify the dread of being hunted.
RichApr 24, 2017
The production values of Outlast 2 are head and shoulders above those of its predecessor and the gameplay has been developed and refined to near perfection. Only the odd frustrating moment of trial and error sours the experience, but the rest of the game is so engrossing that you won’t let the thought of them linger in your mind. If you’re a horror fan you simply need to play Outlast 2.
Louise BlainApr 24, 2017
Horrific in completely the wrong way, Outlast 2 is a night-vision journey into frustration. An intriguing story just can’t save the infuriating misery that awaits.

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