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Ori and the Will of the Wisps

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Denny ConnollyMar 12, 2020
The game seems poised to be another massive hit and proves itself as one Microsoft's most exciting console exclusives (even though The Blind Forest is now available on Switch). The fact that the game is available on Game Pass at day one and also features cross save functionality with the PC version makes it even more accessible and, although the rest of March is still full of other exciting game releases, this is definitely an early addition to the must-play list.
Richard SeagraveMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps is game that’s hard to not love. It made me want to scream and shout a few times – a certain chase scene that was truly demanding and a final area that relies heavily on trial and error included – but for every moment that frustrated me, there were ten that amazed me. The platforming is crisp, combat is engaging, and the world just begs to be explored.
Nadia OxfordMar 19, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps serves up a balanced meal of combat and platforming that captured me immediately. I'm not a big fan of the first game, but Ori's weapon wheel and slick maneuverability turns Will of the Wisps into an irresistible ballet. Unfortunately, performance problems on the Xbox One S in particular bring down a game that is otherwise almost perfect.
Andrew ReinerMar 10, 2020
The story is fantastic, the world is breathtaking, and all of that pales in comparison to the wonderfully made gameplay that soars both as a platforming and combat game. Moon Studios has outdone itself with Will of the Wisps, delivering an experience that doesn’t have any lulls, makes the player feel clever, and just keeps getting better as it goes.
Josh WiseMar 10, 2020
It has enough belief in its genre to proceed with nothing other than earnest devotion, unburdened with the need to boast a USP and brimming with the confidence that comes with knowing that, in the beauty stakes and beyond, there are very few, in the rarefied realms of indie or AAA, who can challenge it.
Jonathan ParisApr 21, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps doesn’t try to recreate the magic that made the first game so special, instead it embraces it. With its absorbing soundtrack, meticulously crafted world, and all-around gameplay improvements, Moon Studios has miraculously given us a worthy sequel to the marvelous series.
Nathan GibsonMar 23, 2020
A beautiful sequel that successfully manages to improve on almost every aspect of the original, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is one of the best Metroidvania experiences you can find.
Michael RuizMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an exceptional adventure that every Xbox One owner should play. Despite its technical failings, it is one of the best Metroidvanias I have played this generation (just behind The Messenger and Axiom Verge). Moon Studios’ sequel is filled with moments of beauty both visually and in its storytelling. If that day one patch fixes those performance issues, there is no reason to skip on this game.
Angry JoeApr 01, 2020
Collin MacGregorMar 10, 2020
Even with the various technical errors I encountered, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a triumph. A superb, emotionally raw game that expertly builds upon the foundation Moon Studios laid in 2015.
Steve WattsMar 20, 2020
That finality could signal that this is the last Ori game, a farewell to the fantastical world and memorable characters that made Moon Studios such a standout developer from its very first effort. If that is the case, you could hardly ask for a better send-off. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a remarkable synthesis of artful design and beautiful moments.
Ken McKownMar 11, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a game I might not have felt we needed, but could not stop playing once I dove in. It retains what made the original special while also adding enough to warrant a sequel. Moon Studios truly has carved out a spot for themselves among the pantheon of indie developers. I cannot wait to see what they do next and as for this title, there is simply no reason not to dive in.
Michael GoroffMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps does everything that a good sequel is supposed to do. It refines The Blind Forest’s mechanics, expands on the world, and throws in a whole bunch of new moves and concepts. But in an era that’s rich with “emotional platformers,” Will of the Wisps doesn’t do anything to make itself stand out. It’s a fine, if not forgettable, experience.
Ori and the Will of the Wisps has a lot of exceptional qualities but the technical issues were too many to ignore. The outstanding musical score, incredible journey, and precision focused gameplay hits every mark perfectly for an adventure that is equal parts challenging and wonderous to experience. Leading up to a conclusion that will have fans and newcomers both satisfied and yearning for more from this development team.
Heidi NicholasMar 10, 2020
The wait for Ori and the Will of the Wisps will most definitely prove worthwhile: Moon Studios has created a masterpiece. The sequel manages to be more beautiful, heartfelt, and challenging than Ori and the Blind Forest. Some of the new changes feel a little superfluous to Ori's world, but only in comparison to everything which the game already offers.
Jamie CollyerMar 13, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps had some lofty expectations coming into it, and it’s safe to say that it more than met them handsomely, Some difficulty spikes can frustrate, but overall it’s a charming, beautiful, brilliantly fun title. Gamepass subscriber or not, you absolutely need to experience this game.
Alexander ThomasMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps is indeed a challenging game, but one not so hard as to be rage-inducing. It is beautiful in its aesthetic, gameplay, and narrative. Whether you are coming to this as a seasoned gamer who wants a challenge or someone who just loves the game’s beauty, it is simply a joy to play and will captivate you for hours.
Rosh KellyMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of Wisps is a truly delightful and devastating game that blends new ideas into a solid foundation, all topped off with an incredible score and even more breathtaking levels to explore.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps is bigger and more polished than the original title. I can't recommend playing it before the original, if only because the plot relies on you having played the first game. Otherwise, this is an absolute must-play for fans of the genre. Some minor quibbles and a few annoying bugs hold it back, but hopefully, those will be addressed by the day-one patch. If you've been waiting for Will of the Wisps, you'll be extremely pleased.
William SchwartzMar 10, 2020
Moon Studios doesn’t necessarily break new ground with Ori and the Will of the Wisps and that’s OK. The additions that have been made improve on the experience, eventhough it’s hard to be as impressed as we were the first time around.
Aleksandra OlszarMar 10, 2020
In the end, Ori and the Will of the Wisps isn't much more than a solid continuation of the original. It gives the player new and more demanding challenges, expands the intriguing universe, and at times it's just as visually stunning as we thought it would be. Despite some technical imperfections, the RPG elements and fleshed out experience ensures hours of enjoyable entertainment.
GameCentralMar 12, 2020
Unoriginal or not Will Of The Wisps is both an improvement on the original and one of the best Metroidvanias of the generation. We’d have qualms about a third game stretching the formula beyond breaking point but while describing this as one of the best games of the year means nothing, given how empty the release schedules have been so far, this would stand out as a great game no matter when, or on what format it, come out.
Chris Hyde Mar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will and the Wisps is one such game where superlative adjectives feel entirely justified. A glorious combination of heartfelt story, stunning visuals, soothing sounds, tight, fluid and responsive movement all contained within levels that feel inspired and packed with ideas. It’s bigger, brighter and more refined than its lofty predecessor.
William CaruanaMar 12, 2020
All in all, Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Xbox One is an amazing work of art that happens to double as a truly fantastic game. Moon Studios have outdone themselves here with an emotional, engaging, difficult but above all enjoyable game that should delight gamers everywhere. I cannot wait to see what Moon Studios have up their sleeves next – if my recollection is correct it’s an action RPG.
Megan CrouseMar 18, 2020
The wounded forest would become a broken machine, Ori stuck in the cogs. But if you want more of the beautiful art and joyful exploration the first game brought, you’ll find it here.
Matt LorriganMar 10, 2020
Visually stunning, heaven to listen to, with tight controls that aren’t matched by many other games out there, Ori and the Will of the Wisps proves to that most rare of things - a near-perfect sequel.
Dominic LeightonMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps builds on its predecessor’s near-perfect Metroidvania platforming and grows the concept to wonderful effect. A game that’s as much about rebirth, hope and wonder as it is death and decay, Will of the Wisps is a beautiful, enchanting piece of fantasy, and an instant classic.
Francis KennaMar 22, 2020
These technical issues aren’t damning enough to spoil Will of the Wisps’ excellence, but they are enough to be an unfortunate blemish on a sequel that otherwise improves on its predecessor in every way. Will of the Wisps isn’t just a fantastic follow-up to an already great game, it’s a brilliant metroidvania in its own right, and arguably the year’s first major must-play release.
Evan NorrisApr 01, 2020
Mahler and company have made good on that notion. Will of the Wisps takes everything outstanding about the franchise—fluid platforming, emotional storytelling, gorgeous visuals, and haunting music—and adds to the mix dynamic combat, a bigger and bolder world, additional customization options, and hours worth of side content. It's an extraordinary achievement, held back only by the lack of exceptional boss battles and some frustrating technical hitches.
A.J. MaciejewskiMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a wonderful Metroidvania that manages to be both beautiful and challenging. If you enjoyed Ori and the Blind Forest then you're in for one impressive treat with this sequel.
Ben SalterMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps follows the Blind Forest as a special game that is unrivalled in its class. It’s been five years since we first met young Ori, and nobody has come close to delivering an experience that is forever destined to be labelled ‘Metroidvania,’ and while it’s still a fair comparison, Moon Studios has built upon its own great work to delver a fantastic sequel.
Chris BrownMar 24, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an unmitigated triumph. Every element is executed to perfection; the pinpoint platforming, kinetic combat, and heartfelt storytelling are second to none. Visually stunning and accompanied by an evocative soundscape you will feel like you’re stepping into another world, and it’s one you’ll likely never want to leave.
Kosta AndreadisMar 10, 2020
A betrayal to the expectation of perfection you get as soon as the adventure begins. Ori and the Will of the Wisps isn’t perfect, but its issues are mere momentary lapses in an otherwise stellar action-adventure. An experience that feels monumental in both scope and presentation.
Ramón BaylosMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of Wisps es un metroidvania más grande, más ambicioso y más completo que su predecesor; uno donde su jugabilidad, diseño artístico y banda sonora se entrelazan en una embelesadora mezcla que dibuja uno de los mejores viajes que se puede realizar: aquel que has disfrutado aún más de lo que esperabas.
David SorianoMar 10, 2020
Los artistas de Moon Studios lo han vuelto a hacer. Ori and the Will of the Wisps es una obra de arte simplemente perfecta en términos audiovisuales cuya jugabilidad sigue reluciendo en un plataformeo bien diseñado y equilibrado. Se agradecen las inclusiones de jefes, pero no serán muy memorables.
ChristianMay 25, 2020
Jugándolo, he tenido la sensación de que Ori and the Will of the Wisps se debatía constantemente entre ser muy fiel al original y, a la vez, introducir novedades significativas para justificar su existencia. Lo primero lo consigue. Es claramente una secuela directa, con una estética casi idéntica, mismo tipo de jugabilidad y mismas sensaciones generales.
Jorge CanoMar 10, 2020
Mejorando y puliendo ciertos aspectos del primero, y ofreciendo una aventura más extensa y ambiciosa, lo que pierde del factor sorpresa lo gana en experiencia y calidad en todos sus apartados, y se convierte en todo un ejemplo de cómo hacer un plataformas, y un inmejorable testimonio de por qué nos sigue pareciendo uno de los géneros estrella en el mundo de los videojuegos.
Sergio MeleroMar 14, 2020
Cuenta con algunos fallos técnicos, determinadas misiones secundarias son sencillas en demasía y hay margen de mejora para una próxima iteración de la saga. Pese a ello, estamos ante uno de esos juegos en los que no puedes dejar de pensar en la oficina o la universidad, pues el deseo irrefrenable de volver a ponernos a los mandos de este pequeño espíritu se manifiestan contínuamente.
Luis AvilésMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps no solo es un genial juego de plataformas, ahora es también un increíble juego de acción. La belleza de su apartado visual y su banda sonora esconden una propuesta de lo más exigente y desafiante donde un error te puede costar muy caro, pero que recompensa con momentos de una belleza y frenetismo difícil de igualar.
Adil Kaan KanalMar 17, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps ist eine strahlende Fortsetzung. Der Nachfolger verleiht der bewährten Formel den allerletzten Feinschliff, steht aber auch ganz klar auf den Schultern des Vorgängers. Das ist gleichzeitig die größte Stärke und Schwäche des Spiels, denn besonders zu Beginn fühlt sich vieles eben doch ziemlich vertraut an.
Jan WöbbekingMar 11, 2020
Mit Ori and the Will of the Wisps setzen die Moon Studios tatsächlich noch einen drauf. Das direkte Kämpfen, Bohren, Schwingen und viele andere Fähigkeiten erzeugen einen unheimlich fesselnden Spiel-Rhythmus! Auch visuell konnte sich die ausladende, sehr abwechslungsreiche Welt steigern: Viele wankende Holz-Balken, Waldpilze oder zuckende Insektenflügel geben derart feinfühlig nach, dass man wirklich das Gefühl bekommt, eine lebendige Welt zu erkunden!
Thomas PillonMar 12, 2020
Que l'on ne s'y trompe pas : Ori and the Will of the Wisps est sans conteste l'un des plus beaux jeux auxquels vous aurez l'occasion de jouer en 2020. Intestable sur le plan artistique, esthétique, narratif et sonore, cette suite perfectionne et améliore à tous points de vue le premier épisode déjà ravissant.
CarnbeeMar 10, 2020
En cinq ans, le Metroidvania a changé, et Ori a lui aussi su s’inspirer de ses pairs pour rester dans la course. Un petit peu moins exigeant mais largement plus varié, Ori and the Will of the Wisps est bel et bien la grande aventure que nous attendions.
Fabien PellegriniMar 10, 2020
C'est tout le mal qu'on souhaite à l'éditeur américain et aux autrichiens de Moon Studios car, inutile d'entretenir un suspense illusoire, leur nouvelle production se situe une fois de plus dans le haut du panier ! Loin d'être développée à l'emporte-pièces afin de surfer sur le succès du premier épisode, cette suite arrive à améliorer et enrichir un titre qui tutoyait déjà la perfection.
Aníbal GonçalvesMar 13, 2020
Os Moon Studios superaram todas as expectativas com o regresso de Ori. Além de ser uma obra-prima do seu género, o seu preço novidade torna-o impossível de ignorar para os jogadores da Xbox One.
Tommaso PuglieseMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps vanta un comparto artistico straordinario, davvero di rara bellezza, in grado di sorprendere chiunque grazie alla forza di scelte estetiche di gran gusto. I colori che si alternano sullo schermo sono incredibili e l'HDR ne enfatizza la luminosità, sebbene forse disattivarlo consenta di godere di una palette più vicina allo stile delicato e cartoonesco che gli autori hanno cercato di creare.
Gianluca ArenaMar 11, 2020
Sebbene siano sufficienti per fermare la valutazione di Ori and the Will of the Wisps ad un gradino dall’eccellenza, le incertezze del frame rate e il bilanciamento rivedibile della difficoltà del nuovo titolo Moon Studios non gli impediscono di entrare, di diritto, nella lista delle migliori esclusive console dell’intero ciclo vitale di Xbox One.
Moon Studios regala ai fan un metroidvania che si rinnova in tutto e per tutto, mantenendo lo stesso feeling dell'originale ma offrendo una varietà ancora più ampia. Un gioco imperdibile per i fan di Xbox.
Daniele DolceMar 12, 2020
Siamo al cospetto di una favola moderna con in dote una morale che dovrebbe essere accolta da tutti e applicata senza riserve nel quotidiano. Dunque fate attenzione: giocare a Ori and the Will of the Wisps potrebbe rendervi delle persone migliori.
Mirko RossiMar 10, 2020
Ori and the Will of the Wisps è un gioco stupefacente sotto molti punti di vista, che riesce nel difficile compito di elevare a un livello superiore la tradizione del genere al quale appartiene grazie alla grande passione e maestria messa in campo dal team di sviluppo.