No Man's Sky for Xbox One
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No Man's Sky

Jul 24, 2018
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Developer: Hello Games
Content Rating: Teen


No Man's Sky is an epic science fiction adventure set across an infinite universe, in which every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by planets filled with life, and you can go to any of them you choose. In this infinite procedurally generated universe, you'll discover places and creatures that no other players have seen before - and perhaps never will again. A mystery lies at the center of the galaxy, an irresistible pulse that draws you on an epic voyage to discover the true nature of the cosmos. Your journey will be charged with danger, encountering hostile creatures and fierce pirates, in order to survive you will need to prepare, upgrading your ship, suit, and weapons. Whether you choose to fight, trade, or explore, every decision you make has consequences, shaping your journey as you travel ever deeper into No Man's Sky.

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Jun 19, 2021

Difficult when you begin but as you progress you learn to understand how to play the game and how most of the game mechanics actually work

Jul 14, 2020
I don‘t know why, but I have a love/hate relationship with No Mans Sky, I mean I love it but I also hate it, if that makes any sense? Objective the game has evolved into a fantastic game with endless possibilities, but sometimes I just hate playing it...


Jul 27, 2020
Emir Çetin

Emir Çetin

Jul 26, 2020
Luis Jardim

Luis Jardim

Jan 5, 2020

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Lou SytsmaJul 31, 2018
No Man’s Sky has reached a point where not only does it meet initial promises, it now exceeds them. It is always a welcome sight to see a company to support a product after it’s launch, especially one with such a troubled one. What the game has always been successful at doing is creating moments of visual wonder and sense of scale of the universe. Now it does that even better and adds a whole bunch of functionality that makes getting around in that experience easier.
Justin ClarkAug 04, 2018
At its absolute best, No Man's Sky is a measured, gentle experience where you are rarely the agent of change, but a perpetual visitor who's constantly dwarfed by the magnitude of a universe neutral to your presence. It is not your job in these stories to colonize the universe. Your job is to comprehend it. Your job is to recognize the spirituality in it.
Mark SherwoodJul 28, 2018
Don’t be guided by the game’s daunting history. No Man’s Sky is now a near-outstanding experience that sits in a league of its own. Despite some issues with the game’s textures, delayed rendering and some unstable framerates, No Man’s Sky is a diverse, deep and ambitious player-shaped adventure that’s constantly intriguing. Hello Games’ dedication and commitment simply needs to be appreciated.

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