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NieR: Automata - BECOME AS GODS Edition

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Paul SullivanJul 06, 2018
If you’ve read this far, you’re probably confused. There are several points above that make Nier Automata sound like a good game with a few design issues. I wish I could explain exactly what makes this game so damn special, but that would absolutely ruin it for you. Rest assured, if you love a great story told with devastating style, you need to play through Nier Automata several times. Don’t worry, it’ll be pretty clear when it’s actually over.
Ken McKownJul 12, 2018
The game is finally on Xbox One. The more platforms the merrier. Perhaps one day Switch owners will get to experience it as well. This is a once-in-a-generation type experience. Go buy this game. Play it multiple times. It is worth every second of investment and I enjoyed pounding through all the endings for a second time. Somehow it was even better.
Cade OnderJul 04, 2018
Nier: Automata never feels stale or boring thanks to director Yoko Toro's ability to find a way to keep things fresh through gameplay, presentation, and story. Everything about this JRPG is nothing short of gripping and mesmerizing, it's one of those generation-defining games where people will look back on it decades from now talking about it still filled with awe.
Anthony ColeJul 01, 2018
NieR: Automata is nothing short of outstanding. Its storytelling is deep and engaging, its gameplay is in-depth and remarkably fluid, its design remains innovative throughout and its pacing is second to none. Rarely do we see such a high level of attention to detail in games of this type. Simply put, this is a near masterpiece that more than deserves your time and attention. It’s a truly sensational experience.
Kyle BradfordJul 02, 2018
Yet at the end of the day, NieR: Automata was never defined by its technical issues. Instead, it’s a game that feels uniquely stylised by those that made it. In the same way that an Ingmar Bergman film feels unmistakably his, or how a Hideo Kojima game is filled with small, recognisable touchstones, NieR: Automata is a product of auteur game making at its finest.
Dom PeppiattJun 28, 2018
Platinum’s work on the combat and the bullet-hell comes off strongly and cleanly, and with Yoko Taro’s insane vision and obsession with morality and philosophy fuelling the narrative, the result is a game with a split personality that makes you fall in love with both sides. NieR: Automata is unlike anything else you can play on Xbox One - all the best bits of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta mixed into a narrative that tastes like what you’d get if Lewis Carroll wrote Ghost in the Shell. A thought-provoking, self-aware romp. Recommended.
Albert LichiJul 26, 2018
In spite of all the odds against Yoko Taro's career, he has finally delivered a true masterpiece that finally delivers on all fronts, including gameplay. Environmental detail aesthetics lacking aside, Nier: Automata is an unbelievable game and one that just might make even the most stone cold hearted gamers well up into a weepy emotional mess.
GameCentralJul 02, 2018
Classic Platinum action combined with a deep role-playing system filled with customisation options. Excellent script manages to approach big subjects with surprising subtlety. Great music. A fantastic mix of explosive action and thoughtful storytelling, that results in one of the most unpredictable and ambitious action role-players of the modern era.
A.J. MaciejewskiJul 25, 2018
If you still haven't played NieR: Automata then this Become as Gods Edition is a great excuse to finally get your hands on Yoko Taro's latest stylish action-packed tale.
Álvaro CastellanoJul 02, 2018
NieR Automata es directo como un puñetazo en la cara, y posee todas las virtudes y cualidades que esperamos de un trabajo de Platinum Games. Mejorando ostensiblemente al NieR original de 2010, el estudio japonés demuestra que con una buena motivación y un universo potente a sus espaldas son capaces de crear videojuegos extraordinarios.
David MartínezJul 03, 2018
No nos extraña que se haya convertido en un juego de culto. Nier Automata nos ofrece una experiencia única en e género del J-RPG: exploración, combate y un argumento sorprendente -con grandes protagonistas- que sólo era posible mediante la colaboración de talentos como Platinum Games y Square-Enix.
Juan GarciaJun 28, 2018
Un gran juego que no debes dejar pasar si no jugaste en su momento, pero que añade pocos extras en su versión para Xbox One. Sí, contiene un DLC que añade algo de contenido y su precio es más bajo que el de los estrenos habituales... Pero ¿es suficiente compensación por la espera de 15 meses? Eso lo debe dilucidar cada uno, pero lo que queda fuera de toda duda es que estamos ante un juegazo.
Mathias OertelJun 28, 2018
In mancherlei Hinsicht ist Nier Automata ähnlich sperrig wie der Vorgänger, der mittlerweile Kultstatus erreicht hat – vor allem in erzählerischer Hinsicht. Doch die Mitwirkung von Platinum Games sorgt nicht nur für Massenappeal, sondern vor allem für ein kompetentes Action-Fundament, auf das sich Xbox-Spieler freuen können.
PuyoJun 26, 2018
NieR Automata est certainement plus grand que ses erreurs, mais pas sûr que tous les joueurs ferment les yeux sur ses travers. En s'associant à PlatinumGames, Square Enix et Yoko Tarô ont déjà réglé la question du système de combat sans relief du premier NieR, en offrant un gameplay d'un dynamisme et d'une élégance rares, le plus souvent fluide, pour donner lieu à des affrontements dantesques à défaut d'être profonds.
Gianluca ArenaJul 02, 2018
Sono troppi gli elementi di eccellenza di Nier Automata, anche in questa Become as gods Edition, per non raccomandarlo nella maniera più calorosa possibile: la direzione artistica, la narrativa, il combat system, il livello di personalizzazione, la colonna sonora, e, in maniera meno quantificabile, le emozioni che il prodotto riesce a veicolare.
Massimo ReinaJun 29, 2018
NieR: Automata si conferma anche su Xbox One un titolo imperfetto, ma al contempo folle, coraggioso e imprevedibile come il suo geniale autore, Yoko Taro. Il gioco di Platinum Games arriva sulla console di Microsoft con un'edizione completa dei contenuti extra precedentemente rilasciati come DLC e qualche ottimizzazione grafica, ma in generale uguale a quella PlayStation 4. Resta però un capolavoro del genere, che grazie a una storia ben articolata, a un ottimo e adrenalinico sistema di battaglie, alla notevole reattività dei comandi e a uno stile artistico unico, riesce a sopperire a qualche piccola deficienza facendosi consigliare a tutti gli appassionati.