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Anthony ColeJul 09, 2018
MXGP Pro may well be the best MXGP game to come from Milestone so far. It’s not perfect by any means, but it does provide a passable and realistic experience nevertheless. It’s a shame, then, that despite the gorgeous photo-realistic visuals and the diverse selection of tracks and riders, MXGP Pro falls somewhat flat on its play-it-safe content and its steep learning curve. This is a decent racer for sure, but it could have been much more.
Richard SeagraveJun 29, 2018
If you don’t mind that its career mode doesn’t really have much pizzazz, MXGP Pro will provide you with many hours of dirty racing activity. As usual, its supporting range of modes don’t do a great deal to excite, but its new training options are a great way to get up to speed. Maybe next year Milestone will revitalise its career mode just as much has it done the visuals and core game mechanics this year. But until then, simply having the best playing MXGP game will have to do.
Sean CareyAug 08, 2018
MXGP PRO is a fun Motocross racing sim with deep levels of customisation but is let down by some odd physics, a steep learning curve and it's similarity to the previous entry into the MXGP series: MXGP 3. If you are a diehard Motocross fan, this game is for you, but for the casual gamer, MXGP PRO probably won't be dynamic enough to hold your attention for long.
Kieran HarrisJun 29, 2018
Its title may allude to a complete revamp to the series and if that's what you're expecting then you'll likely be disappointed, but if you are seeking a solid motocross experience, you will struggle to find a stronger release from the series. That said, there's a fair amount of crossover with other Milestone career modes, and if you've already played one of those this year then you might start feeling two-wheeled fatigue.
EpyonJul 10, 2018
Quel plaisir de pouvoir enfin jouer à un bon jeu de motocross ! Sans être vierge de tout défaut, et même s’il est plutôt classique dans ce qu’il propose, MXGP est à ce jour le meilleur épisode de la licence, et l’un des meilleurs représentants de sa catégorie. Technique et exigeant, il propose une conduite fine et très vite hypnotisante, qui devrait satisfaire tous les amateurs du genre.
Matteo BussaniJun 29, 2018
MXGP Pro è un aggiornamento deciso di quello che fu MXGP3. I miglioramenti non mancano su quasi tutti i fronti, ma forse latita quella modalità o quella caratteristica che avrebbe potuto staccare il nuovo arrivato dalla memoria che avevamo del precedente. Il gameplay fa il passo avanti più gradito ed evidente, e non possiamo che auspicarci un continuo raffinamento di questo aspetto, perchè la strada è quella giusta.
kordiJul 23, 2018
Taký je MXGP Pro. Na jednej strane zaujímavý a prepracovaný. Na druhej nudný, frustrujúci a nedotiahnutý. Máme tu licencie, deformovateľný terén, ale aj zúfalú nudu. Tromfy, ktorými mohla hra ešte zabodovať, napokon vôbec nevytiahla. Ak si chcete dať večer jednu trať na odreagovanie, nebude MXGP Pro až takým prehmatom. No na dlhodobé hranie by bolo lepšie počkať si na výraznú zľavu, pretože MXGP Pro sú možno najlepšie motokrosové preteky, avšak stále zúfalo nudné.