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Mount & Blade: Warband

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Kyle BradfordSep 29, 2016
For a newcomer, there won’t be much to enjoy in Mount & Blade: Warband‘s console release. Mainly, because of how divisive the game is by itself. If you can overcome the game’s obvious technical limitations and control problems though, you’ll find an impressive western role playing game that emulates the older, more classical games in the genre.
Justin CelaniSep 23, 2016
I really can’t stand talking down about videogames. It’s an industry and hobby that I truly love. That said, I can’t overlook all the issues for the console versions of this game. It feels like very little was done to make it a more streamlined console version. From menus, to font size, controls, and more. It looks extremely dated, like something that somehow got shelved in the early 90’s.
Drew HurleyOct 14, 2016
Mount & Blade: Warband is a very niche title that requires a great deal of time invested to actually get to the enjoyable parts. It's also filled with flaws that are hard to overlook, the graphics look horrendously dated, the combat controls are clunky, and there's so much repetition here that it will put off the majority of players. A certain subset of players will adore what Mount & Blade: Warband offers, but those that do will likely enjoy this more on PC.
Richard WalkerSep 16, 2016
While Mount & Blade: Warband hasn't really gained a whole lot in the jump from PC to console, it's great that such a deep and sprawling game has found a home on new platforms after so many years. It looks dreadful, but scratch beneath the surface, and Warband is an enormously rewarding RPG/strategy/medieval warfare sim-type thing that's becomes more and more compelling the more you play. Chaaaarge!
Alberto GonzálezSep 20, 2016
Es una lástima, pues sus bondades son muchísimas, y si somos aficionados a la temática medieval, podemos encontrar un simulador con tintes de rol y gestión muy inteligente y completo, en el que empezaremos desde cero y acabaremos siendo parte de la élite nobiliaria con decenas de hombres y tierras bajos nuestros pies.
la_redactionOct 30, 2016
Mount & Blade n’a pas attendu Warband pour être un grand jeu, mais une chose est sûre : avec cette extension stand-alone très réussie, il devrait marquer durablement les esprits. Finalement, peu importent les améliorations d’un rendu visuel dont beaucoup de joueurs avaient réussi à s’accommoder.
Camille AllardOct 30, 2016
Un grand jeu qui, hélas, commence à prendre des rides qui sont de plus en plus difficile à cacher. D'autant que les mods (que l'on pourrait comparer au fond de teint de la version PC) ne sont pas disponibles ici. On se retrouve donc avec un jeu brut qui, heureusement, sait se montrer toujours aussi convaincant dans ses mécaniques de jeu.
Lisa DahlgrenOct 02, 2016
Mount & Blade har sina problem, det stod klart redan från början men jag kan inte med att trycka ner spelet helt i smutsen. Trots att det är konsolversionen jag recenserar (inte enbart spelet i sig) är Mount & Blade: Warband ett stundtals roligt och ambitiöst spel med otroligt mycket djup.