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Monster Hunter: World

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Max MoellerMar 05, 2018
While it isn’t flawless, Capcom handled the transition with grace. Not only did the team successfully open the franchise to newer audiences, but they did so in a way that older fans can appreciate. By bucking most modern trends and keeping the gameplay first, Capcom released a title worthy of Game of the Year discussion, and one you won’t want to pass up.
Robert BaddeleyAug 07, 2018
Monster Hunter World is a solid title that will soak up a lot of time if you enjoy beautiful graphics, hunting beautiful, dangerous and unique creatures, and crafting buttloads of weapons and gear.  The learning curve is considerably more shallow than previous Monster Hunter titles but simultaneously steeper for beginners than it usually is for games in general. 
Sean EngemannJan 29, 2018
Despite a strong focus on accessibility and numerous quality-of-life improvements over previous titles, Monster Hunter: World still begs you to muscle through your initial struggles and build a comfort level with the gameplay systems and pacing. Should you find yourself slowly embracing the concepts, you may blink and notice hundreds of hours have been invested, with you now proudly calling yourself a fan.
Mark SherwoodJan 28, 2018
Monster Hunter: World effortlessly meets its high expectations and delivers what may well be the best RPG of this generation. The world is as fascinating as it is beautiful, jam-packed with wonders and dangers of equal measure. Each and every system within has been carefully crafted and seamlessly feed into one another magnificently well. The game remains in-depth yet surprisingly accessible throughout the entirety of play, welcoming and uniting newcomers and returning fans alike. It’s a truly breathtaking adventure. Simply put, and I don’t say this lightly, Monster Hunter: World is a masterpiece.
Ashley BatesFeb 02, 2018
Monster Hunter: World isn’t for everyone. The focus on loot and grinding ensures that, but everything it does is superlative, making it an essential purchase for any RPG fans looking for something new. As for the established fans, it’s everything you loved about the old games, but prettier. A win/win, all round
Alan BradleyJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter World is an incredible achievement. It manages the nearly impossible feat of taking a franchise known (and in many corners beloved) for it’s incredible complexity and depth and making it significantly more approachable, without in any way stripping it down or diminishing it. It tells the most compelling, kinetic story in any Monster Hunter yet (not a tremendous feat, admittedly, but this is a worthy and interesting story) and offers some of the most interesting and addictive action combat in any franchise, bar none.
Dalton CooperFeb 02, 2018
Whether going solo or joining up with friends online, Monster Hunter World is a top-tier game, and arguably the best entry in the series to date. It manages to be accessible to those new to the series, while also delivering plenty of challenge to keep veterans on their toes. Its monster battles are intense and thrilling, and the wealth of content available should keep players busy for weeks, if not longer. Simply put, Monster Hunter World is a must-play game.
Chelsea StarkJan 26, 2018
Monster Hunter: World is still complex. It still won’t hold your hand through parts and may require a few friends for optimal enjoyment. It isn’t for everybody, but if you give it a little time and work, it’s a world worth visiting.
Jason FaulknerFeb 04, 2018
Monster Hunter World is bursting with content and is a game that you can easily get over 100 hours in. The downside is that a lot of those 100 or more hours will be by your lonesome. While as a single-player game this title excels, the multiplayer matchmaking can be incredibly clunky and inexplicably doesn't allow you to stick by another player's side persistently.
Richard WalkerJan 25, 2018
A colossal, polished RPG creature feature packed with a range of fearsome beasts to topple, Monster Hunter: World is an awesome debut for the series on current consoles. If this is your first bold strides into Monster Hunter's wild territory, then you're in for a real treat.
Brandon J. WysockiFeb 26, 2018
With only a few exceptions, the missions tend to have similar objectives, though the dynamic gameplay prevents them from feeling repetitious.  Ultimately, if you find the difficult and thrilling combat entertaining, and new and better armor and weapons alluring, there is easily a hundred hours' worth of content here.  For some, especially with the promise of free DLC, there will be hundreds of hours of gameplay.  A small number of flaws barely make a dent; this is the quintessential Monster Hunter experience.
Josh Di FalcoFeb 06, 2018
Monster Hunter: World is a vastly complex action-adventure game littered with plenty of menus that customise the various weapons and armour pieces, while gathering useful resources to assist the hunter in taking down the next big monster. The gameplay loop of hunt-upgrade-hunt-upgrade is an addictive one that rarely stumbles into "grinding" territory, although some may see the whole game as a grind.
Carlos LeivaJan 25, 2018
Todos los cambios que se han realizado nos han parecido para bien, jugablemente es una auténtica delicia, los combates contra los monstruos son épicos como ellos solos, tiene contenidos para tenernos entretenidos durante semanas y que se ampliarán de forma gratuita, su multijugador es de lo mejor que hay en consolas actuales y a nivel audiovisual es bonito y espectacular como pocos. Así pues, y sabiendo que estamos ante uno de los grandes del año, solo nos queda una pregunta por haceros: ¿Estáis listos para adentraros en el Nuevo Mundo?
Alexander SchneiderJan 25, 2018
Nach der Beta zu Monster Hunter World war ich eher abgeschreckt. Mit der Vollversion des Spiels hat mich Capcom aber überzeugt. Grund dafür ist die langsame Einführung aller Features, sodass ich mich in Ruhe mit dem Spielprinzip der Monster Hunter-Reihe vertraut machen kann. Dass die Handlung dabei nicht gerade spannend ist, kann ich World verzeihen. Im Mittelpunkt steht sowieso der Online-Multiplayer mit Freunden und anderen Spielern.
PuyoAug 07, 2018
Comme un carnassier affamé à qui on aurait retiré la muselière, Monster Hunter World déboule la bave aux lèvres, avec l'envie de tout bouffer, sans le moindre respect pour ses propres plates-bandes. Après des années passées à le peaufiner, Capcom transfigure ici son propre concept du jeu de chasse, en offrant des terrains de jeu luxuriants d'une richesse visuelle inouïe, pour y planter un bestiaire aussi impressionnant que redoutable.
Benjamin BetauxJan 25, 2018
Souvent considérée comme un produit de niche en Europe, la licence Monster Hunter vient de se trouver un porte-étendard avec Monster Hunter World. Ce nouvel opus donne un coup de pied dans la fourmillière et réveille une licence qui se reposait sur ses lauriers depuis quelques années. Si le contenu est un peu plus maigre que les précédents épisodes de la série, Monster Hunter World arrive avec une vision plus moderne de la chasse aux monstres. Fini les temps de chargement à répétition et les combats jugés trop lourds à l’époque.
MrderivJan 25, 2018
Le double pari est donc réussi pour Capcom qui propose avec Monster Hunter World un épisode aux mécaniques en partie retravaillées, doté de très solides arguments capables d’attirer aussi bien les chasseurs vétérans que les joueurs débutants. Cet opus du renouveau dispose de solides arguments pour vous convaincre : de vastes zones bourrées à ras-bord d'interactions, un casting de nouveaux monstres très convaincant, un mode multi à l’accès enfin intuitif, une jouabilité jouissive et sans faille et, pour couronner le tout, la promesse d’ajouts de contenus réguliers et gratuits de la part des développeurs.
Денис МайоровFeb 08, 2018
Есть и взрывные эпизоды — попытка поймать гигантского монстра размером с каньон, например, со стрельбой из пушек и забегам по спине колосса. Но это исключение из правил. Пока. Что там будет в сюжете дальше я не знаю (прохожу все-все сайды, поэтому по истории двигаюсь не очень быстро), а потому и окончательных выводов не делаю. А впереди еще и расхваленный западными рецензентами хардкорный эндгейм — есть что поизучать, прежде чем поставить игре финальную оценку!
Furkan SakoğluJan 25, 2018
Uzun lafın kısası Monster Hunter: World, sizi aylarca başında tutacak ve sıkmayacak içeriği, detaylı ve eğlenceli oynanış yapısı, co-op imkanı, evreni ve dünyası ile 2018 yılının en başarılı oyunlarından biri olacak gibi gözüküyor. Ufak tefek performans sorunları da güncellemeler ile giderilirse, bizlerin yüzlerce saatini alabilecek bir oyun var karşımızda. Eğer siz de şöyle arkadaşlarımla oynayabileceğim, hem sıkmayacak hem de kalteli bir RPG oyunum olsun diyorsanız, Monster Hunter World sizin için biçilmiş kaftan.
Rick OttenJan 25, 2018
Monster Hunter World bevat nu al tientallen - zoniet honderden - uren aan complexe maar bevredigende actie, ongeacht je speelstijl en ervaring. Het sturende verhaal leert nieuwe spelers de diepgaande gameplay op een aangenaam tempo kennen, en biedt veteranen de context die in eerdere delen ontbrak. De bergen aan ‘quality of life-verbeteringen’ leggen de focus nog meer op het jagen zelf, en maken het nog makkelijker om opgeslokt te worden in de nieuwe wereld.
Sebastiaan QuekelJan 30, 2018
Monster Hunter World is een monsterlijk en beestachtig goede game geworden. Laten we voorop stellen dat het vrijwel onmogelijk is om een zo compleet en nauwkeurig beeld van dit avontuur te schetsen. De levendige wereld van 'The New World' omvat zoveel monsters, geheimen en grondstoffen dat je er een boek aan zou kunnen wijden. Het vechtsysteem is simpel, doch doeltreffend en krijgt je iedere keer weer op het puntje van de stoel. Monster Hunter World biedt tientallen tot honderden uren aan vermaak aan en manifesteert zich nu al als een van de beste rpg's van 2018. Verplichte aankoop!