Micro Machines: World Series for Xbox One
Xbox One

Micro Machines: World Series

Jun 30, 2017
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Developer: Just Add Water
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The legend is back! Micro Machines World Series is combines the thrilling madness of racing micro vehicles with epic team battle strategies, set against the extraordinary interactive backdrops of the everyday home! Grab your NERF blaster, try to avoid the jam, and unleash miniature multiplayer mayhem onto the world!

Critic Reviews

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Brett MakedonskiJul 03, 2017
There's something genuinely charming and interesting to Micro Machines World Series, but whatever that is quickly drowns in repetitive tedium. Bolting Overwatch's sensibilities onto a game like this is a novel idea but Codemasters never leans far enough in any one direction. As a result, this feels like a shell of a few different possibilities -- none of them ever making good on their individual promise.
Drew LeachmanJul 13, 2017
World Series has tons of potential. It controls well, has some really great ideas, and even has an addicting formula that would keep players coming back for more. The issue is that this game lives and breathes by the player based and right out the gate, there’s no one to play with forcing players to then play with the AI which is just not fun at all.
Richard WalkerJul 02, 2017
Great fun in the short term, Micro Machines World Series just doesn't have the legs to be something you'll return to again and again. The nostalgic pull might be strong, but unless you have friends prepared to regularly play it with you, it's unlikely you'll get swept up in Micro Machines World Series for more than a few hours.