Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for Xbox One
Xbox One

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Dec 20, 2013

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About this game

Developer: Press Play
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a classic action-adventure. At its core it is a platformer filled with puzzles. Max must start on a quest to save his brother who is kidnapped to a hostile world. His only chance to succeed is to stay courageous and use the powers of his marker to manipulate the environment. Unleash the many powers of the Marker and beat the evil kidnapper!

Critic Reviews

28 Reviews
Leah B. JacksonDec 23, 2013
A bright platformer is just what we needed on Xbox One and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood’s vibrant setting and terrain-altering puzzles deliver. But the adventure doesn’t quite feel next-gen. With unintuitive controls, puzzle mechanics that’ve been done better elsewhere, and a story with the depth of a coloring book, it’s hard to stay invested in this short adventure.
Justin McElroyDec 31, 2013
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood finds itself in an odd fissure between adult and kids game. A child would almost certainly find themselves too frustrated to finish it, and an adult determined to muscle their way through isn't likely to be engaged by the world or story. It provides plenty of satisfying tests for your brain if you can look past the threadbare story and fickle controls. I just wish those separate elements meshed into a seamless experience.
Rich GrishamDec 24, 2013
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a breath of fresh air that new Xbox One owners will be delighted to experience. As a charming experience from beginning to end--and one that can be enjoyed by all but the youngest members of your family--it hits all the right notes.

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