Masters of Anima for Xbox One
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Masters of Anima

Apr 10, 2018
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Developer: Passtech Games
Content Rating: Mature


Anima is a magical, chaotic force that fuels the world of Spark. In its natural state, Anima is wild and primal - when it is found in large concentrations, it can even spawn a Golem. In the ancient times of Spark, the Shapers and Builders tamed the Anima to give the world its current form. After the Shapers defeated the Golems, the Builders constructed the Heart Shield in the center of Mount Spark, erecting Wonders that channel the source of Anima for a better purpose.

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Ken McKownMay 09, 2018
As far as visuals are concerned Masters of Anima goes for style over technical prowess. The game has a soft look with some great color design. The worlds are interesting and well laid out. I never lost my way. As mentioned the voice acting is also great and I really did enjoy the telling of the story, even if it was overly predictable.
Anthony ColeApr 17, 2018
Masters of Anima has a decent concept and a worthwhile story, but sadly falls short almost everywhere else. The combat is tedious, often unfair and utterly frustrating. Take into account that outside of light puzzle solving and exploration, this is pretty much all that you’ll be doing. It doesn’t help matters that Masters of Anima rarely evolves as you proceed, making for a game that’s not only annoying, but repetitive too.
Anders FischerApr 29, 2018
As it turns out there are plenty of good things here and if you're keen on the genre you may want to give it a try as there sure aren't many of these types of games around. Having said that, we really didn't have a good time with Masters of Anima. It's difficult to control, and the encounters are extremely punishing.