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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

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Alex LangleySep 08, 2015
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime tried for a bold experiment with its control scheme, and though this sets it apart from other similar games, it’s ultimately an experiment that needs to go back to the drawing board.
Matt BuchholtzSep 10, 2015
Overall, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is addictive, stressful, fun, and intense all at once. By shaving geniusly fun ideas to the core and taking time to elevate the rest of the game, Asteroid Base has created a co-op experience that will either have you not returning your friend’s text messages, or buying them a round of beverages when you finally complete a level you’ve been stuck on.
Jed WhitakerSep 08, 2015
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime reminds me why I love video games, because it provides a unique and colorful journey to get totally immersed in that can be enjoyed with a loved one. Probably the most original game I've played to completion in the past five years, and worthy every penny of its asking price. If you've got a loved one to play with, do yourselves a favor and play this game as soon as possible, you won't regret a your lovely journey through space.
John WhitehouseSep 14, 2015
Surprisingly fun, both in single player and co-op mode, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a gem. The great co-op mechanic really encourages the players to work together and communicate, but never hinders a lone player. For those that want to grab a friend and take on a challenging experience, filled with gorgeous visuals and thoughtful gameplay, then Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is the perfect game.
Matt WhittakerSep 08, 2015
Both hardcore and novice gamers alike have likely found their match in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. This is controlled chaos in a playable form, complete with all of the visual bliss that expected from a game with the silly title that it sports. ...What Asteroid Base has done here shouldn’t be brushed aside: this is a game that feels like some real effort and soul was put into it, and the result is a title that is emblematic of everything awesome about the independent game development scene.
Kyle HilliardSep 15, 2015
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is hard, but in an intense way that makes you fear death with sweaty palms. It’s not frustrating – it’s a well-balanced challenge. Running from one end of the ship to the other to get that final shot in against the boss while your partner valiantly rotates the shield to block the incoming space icicles is intense, rewarding, and delivers a true sense of cooperative teamwork.
Kyle HansonSep 08, 2015
Tons of unlockables, fantastic visuals, a catchy, upbeat soundtrack, and unique gameplay combine to form a gaming experience like few others. If you have a friend who is into couch co-op and can be at the ready to play Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime at a moments notice, then the game will certainly be a favorite. However, for those that have a more solitary gaming experience, the lack of an online multiplayer component could be a deal breaker.
Griffin McElroySep 11, 2015
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime can occasionally feel a little too stressful for its own good, but there's something undeniably lovely about its core design. It is, ultimately, an object lesson in dealing with hardships — that even when they grow to be far too much to handle, they can be softened with the support of a patient and cooperative friend.
Mike WilliamsSep 24, 2015
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime isn't meant to be played alone. The game wants you to experience its trials and tribulations with a friend or loved one. The key is finding the right friend or loved one, because enjoying this game requires the right partner. Choose wisely and you'll have a great experience. Choose poorly and it's an exercise in frustration.
John ElliottSep 23, 2015
Being able to effectively work together and securing the right customizations lends itself to a rewarding galaxy adventure. The addition of a solo mode, although not as a fun as co-op, works well and appeases gamers who don’t always have someone to play with at home. While the addition of an online multiplayer would have been nice, it doesn’t take away from what is a highly enjoyable co-op game.
Lee GarbuttSep 08, 2015
It’s certainly a game designed to be played with another human being, as while playing single-player with an AI bot sort of works, this game is made all the better for having someone there you can communicate with. It’s the sort of game that at its best can bring people together, or when things go wrong, drive people to disagreements. It’s probably not the best game for the easily frustrated, but it’s a rare example of successful couch co op in a world of online gaming.
Ken BarnesSep 12, 2015
Asteroid Base have done a fine job with Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, providing that you're a co-op gamer. Single players will likely find that they enjoy things up until the game becomes too overwhelming. Still, as a whole, there's a lot to like here – including genuine innovation - and it's definitely something different.
gamesTMNov 22, 2015
Where boss encounters often descend into a run-and-gun escapes during single-player, they sing with a bud in tow. Lovers becomes a duet of cannon fire and drifting manoeuvres as you flit between the ship’s features. Add in a poppy techno soundtrack that never grates and you’ve got a memorable indie title that shines in company but falters without.
Cecilia FjällströmSep 16, 2015
It's most certainly entertaining, especially in the local co-op, a part of the game that works flawlessly. It's fun, challenging, and requires plenty of communication if you want to avoid violent altercations. Just the way we like our co-op. Another positive is that your fellow passenger can join at any time during a campaign.
Cody OrmeSep 28, 2015
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is one of the most unique and original titles on the market. It’s one of the best games I’ve played in a very long time.
Alberto PastorSep 09, 2015
Si algo nos gusta de Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime es lo bien que integra el concepto de "juego cooperativo" dentro de una desafiante aventura de acción espacial con tintes roguelike. Coordinarse nuestros movimientos con los de un amigo, o si se tercia incluso con la propia inteligencia artificial del juego, es una de las experiencias más divertidas y emocionantes que hemos tenido el gusto de probar en los últimos años; y solo por eso, por tener la sensación de estar pilotando de verdad una nave, ya merece la pena.
Juan GarciaSep 11, 2015
Distinto y divertido, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime es uno de esos pocos juegos que de verdad obligan a cooperar a los jugadores que se ponen a los mandos, teniendo que actuar como si fueran uno. ¿No era eso el amor? Todo esto enmarcado en un matamarcianos casi al uso, con toques de plataformeo. Un experimento delirante que merece la pena probar si tenemos a alguien con quien jugar compartiendo sofá.
Benjamin SchmädigSep 14, 2015
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime ist eine Liebeserklärung an ein wundervoll frisches Spielgefühl. Das indirekte Steuern des Raumschiffs, seine einfallsreichen Waffen, das freie Erweitern derselben, der flotte Synthie-Beat: Von allem geht eine unverbrauchte Lust aus, die vor allem Independentspiele manchmal, selten aber so rundum vollkommen ausstrahlen.