Life is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis for Xbox One
Xbox One

Life is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis

Jan 30, 2015
This is an episodic game. You will need to get the base game and all succeeding episodes to experience it as designed.

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Content Rating: Mature


Life is Strange is an episodic, narrative driven adventure game which tells the compelling story of Max; a Senior photography student who suddenly discovers she is able to rewind time. She uses her power to save the life of Chloe, her childhood friend, whom she has not seen in five years. For Chloe it’s been a turbulent time and she’s been drifting off course since her father’s tragic death.

The reunion will turn their lives upside down, as increasingly strange events plague the small town of Arcadia Bay both teenagers find themselves involved in a grim investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a high school student.

Critic Reviews

14 Reviews
Kevin VanOrdJan 29, 2015
The rich frat boy with a gun, the smug school administrator, the stepdad in need of anger management skills--these and other characters have plenty to hide, though it’s impossible to guess what all their secrets might be. The looming tornado and the inconsistent time mechanic seem almost unnecessary as a result, for Life is Strange’s most important drama is the one developing in Max’s own mind.
Drew LeachmanFeb 11, 2015
Fans of the Telltale adventure games and people looking for something unique in terms of storytelling and mechanics should really give Life is Strange a shot. It sets up a decent premise and keeps the player invested for the 3 hour duration of the episode. I for one enjoyed what I played, even when the dialog became “too hip” for me. I say give it a shot. It most certainly is something very different.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioFeb 02, 2015
It shows a lot of promise as an episodic game, but there are certain mechanics that leave me feeling a bit skeptical for this franchise’s future. I think Episode 1 is worth a play through, but whether or not this becomes a fantastic multi-episode game will depend on the choices the developers make from here on out. Considering the game’s subject matter, that seems entirely appropriate.

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