Kinect Sports: Rivals for Xbox One
Xbox One

Kinect Sports: Rivals

Apr 8, 2014

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Developer: Rare
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The allnew, unparalleled Kinect technology captures your likeness as a champion and thrusts you into sporting events against friends, rivals and the entire world. Skill matters. Precision is rewarded. Small movements make big impacts. With online tournaments, head-to-head rivalries and a world full of, sports are reimagined to ignite your competitive spirit. The game learns how you and your friends compete, creating an ever-evolving network of rivals in the cloud. There's a competitor in each of us just waiting to come alive. It's You vs. the world.

Critic Reviews

32 Reviews
Jessica CondittApr 07, 2014
Kinect Sports Rivals feels cheap. A few of the multiplayer games – namely tennis and water racing – are fun in short bursts, but other games – bowling and target shooting – are duds, even with another person. The biggest challenge in gameplay is often hassling with the Kinect and, overall, the games themselves are insultingly simple. I dare you to get a gutter ball in the bowling arena. You'll spend a few frames trying, guaranteed.
Shad ForsythApr 07, 2014
Admittedly, I had developed my own preconceptions that Kincet Sports Rivals was going to be a game that attempts to justify the forced bundling of the Kinect. I was wrong. The motion control is impressively accurate and the various inputs involved are simple enough to provide wide accessibility for all players.
Bill HessApr 07, 2014
It’s hard to imagine that a solo player of Kinect Sports Rivals will get as much enjoyment out of the game as someone who will be setting this up in a large room for local multiplayer. For that person, Kinect Sports is going to be a tough sale. While the single player, story mode, and challenges contain more than enough content to keep you occupied, the real fun is in being able to experience this game with others, where Kinect Sports Rivals shines.

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