Kerbal Space Program for Xbox One
Xbox One

Kerbal Space Program

Jul 15, 2016
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Developer: Squad
Content Rating: Everyone


Kerbal Space Program puts you in charge of the recently launched space program for a fun & clever alien race – the Kerbals. These little guys are counting on you to build spaceships, rockets & vehicles that can take off & hold on during COOL space travel missions, without hurting them in the process… EXPLORE SPACE, DISCOVER NEW PLANETS AND CONQUER THE UNIVERSE

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Dean JamesJul 22, 2016
Kerbal Space Program impressed PC gamers upon its final release last year and now console owners have gotten the opportunity to feel like they work for NASA. The extremely high level of difficulty at the start can be daunting for newcomers, but the level of detail and realism mixed into the building and flying segments make it well worth the time spent learning in Kerbal Space Program.
Justin ClarkJul 26, 2016
Even failure imparts a lesson. No matter how big or small the achievement, anything else that can be done is limited only by your imagination. Even with its cartoonish humor and quirks, Kerbal Space Program has an almost sacred respect for the tiny miracles involved in space travel, and even at its most difficult, it deserves that respect in return.
Justin CelaniJul 20, 2016
Kerbal Space Program is just that, a program concerning space and the computations of getting a craft in space and making the trip alive. There is plenty of room for human error and it can also be a bit trial by error, but if it’s a genre that players can appreciate or get into, there isn’t anything quite like it on consoles.

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