Indivisible for Xbox One
Xbox One


Oct 8, 2019
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Developer: Lab Zero Games
Content Rating: Teen


Indivisible is inspired by classic RPGs and platformers and built with the unique character, world, and gameplay depth Lab Zero Games is known for! Indivisible tells the tale of Ajna, a good-natured tomboy with a rebellious streak. Raised by her father on the outskirts of their rural town, her life is thrown into chaos when her home is attacked and a mysterious power awakens within her. Indivisible spans a huge fantasy world inspired by various cultures and mythologies. Throughout Ajna’s quest she’ll encounter many “Incarnations:” people whom she can absorb into herself and manifest to fight alongside her. There are many Incarnations to recruit, each with their own story and personality. By uniting people from far away lands, Ajna will learn about herself and the world she inhabits.

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Elton JonesOct 07, 2019
The game’s beautiful art style comes to life as each carefully crafted frame for character actions appears onscreen. What’s delivered here is a throwback to a classic era of RPG’s that’s been sorely missed – Indivisible taps into the addictive battle system, unique cast of characters and standout music classic Square Enix RPG’s were celebrated for. Indivisible is a passion project that’s just as great as it was promised to be.
Cameron HawkinsOct 07, 2019
Indivisible truly has little to criticize. The story is grandiose with strong, meaningful messages that everyone can understand and relate to even if it takes a little bit to get the gears in motion. There are so many moments in this game full of emotion that I sometimes didn’t expect. Many of the characters will stay with me for a long time by the way they are incorporated into the narrative. Indivisible is one of the most memorable platforming experiences I’ve ever had.
Miserable ScribeOct 13, 2019
Indivisible is an extremely fun and engaging game, and it is definitely worth playing. Its astounding art and graphics are amazingly well done and will hook you in from the get-go. While the story isn’t exactly a masterpiece, it is still interesting enough to keep you immersed in its world. While Indivisible has its issues, fans of the genre will more than likely appreciate it for what it is – a great mix of two different genres filled with an intriguing story, likable characters, and engaging combat system.

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