#IDARB for Xbox One
Xbox One


Jan 30, 2015

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Content Rating: Everyone


#IDARB is a chaotic 8-player eSport jumping future arena ball game. Create characters, teams, team logos, tournaments, even your theme music, in this highly customizable experience complete with disruptive “hashbombs” which dynamically change the game itself via Twitch and Twitter! IDARB supports up to a whopping 8 simultaneous local players, and up to 4 vs. 4, head-to-head online matches.

Critic Reviews

16 Reviews
John ElliottJan 22, 2015
Aside from the less than stellar implementation of the multiplayer #IDARB is a boat load of fun, easy to pick up and will have you laughing for hours. This Canadian made game manages to shine in nearly every department. It is a blast to play when you have some friends over for drinks as the hilarity is endless. Well done “Other Ocean Interactive” you have a winner on your hands.
Jahanzeb KhanFeb 09, 2015
#IDARB is quite possibly the first real example of a marriage between classic arcade gaming values and all the volatile antics of social media. It may have resulted in a seemingly incoherent fusion of ideas and pixels, but at its heart, #IDARB is a classic sports game that will click with just about anybody, and the extra helping of random chaos will never cease to entertain.
Jason FaulknerFeb 02, 2015
#IDARB reminds me of the core reason why I play videogames, the honest fun and good spirit of the design with the tight competitive gameplay make this a perfect game to sit back and let the world slip away. It has its flaws here and there, and it’s not got a ton of variety, but I love it.

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