HUNTDOWN for Xbox One
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May 12, 2020 NEW
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Content Rating: Teen


In the future, the police have lost control to the mighty gangs who now rule the streets. Where crime is king, the authorities put their trust in hired guns to solve the problem. A price is set on the gang leaders´ heads.
It´s time for the Bounty Hunters — It´s time to hunt ´em down.

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Anthony MannJun 11, 2020
The only real place this game stumbles is the lack of online multiplayer. I understand that setting up online multiplayer can be costly for indie developers, but I can’t tell you how the co-op is because we are currently in a pandemic and this game feels like something I would play with a friend over the course of a day. Luckily, the Steam copy has a screen-sharingfeature that means there is a workaround for the lack of online multiplayer, but I am on console unfortunately.
Jamie CollyerMay 23, 2020
Outside of some cheap boss battle tactics that arbitrarily crank the difficulty up, Huntdown is an excellent retro styled action game. The combat is fun, brutal and often funny, the visuals and audio are top notch and each stage is just short enough to keep us feeling like we’re moving along nicely.
Richard SeagraveMay 12, 2020
It does a brilliant job of feeling like a blast from the past, yet the responsive controls and cover mechanics firmly plant it in the modern age. It’s the best of both worlds, basically, and if you’ve ever enjoyed mowing down legions of goons on a 2D plane while characters’ wisecracks compete against synthesised 80s beats for your attention, you’ll absolutely love it.

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