Homefront: The Revolution for Xbox One
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Homefront: The Revolution

May 17, 2016
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Four years into the brutal military occupation, America is on its knees. Philadelphia - once  the birthplace of Independence - has become a ghetto, where surveillance drones and armoured patrols keep the population at heel, crushing any dissent with savage force. Her once-proud citizens live in a police state, forced to collaborate just to survive, their dreams of freedom long since extinguished. But in the badlands of the Red Zone, in the bombed out streets and abandoned subways, a Resistance is forming. A guerrilla force, determined to fight for their freedoms despite overwhelming odds and ignite the second American Revolution. But Freedom always has a price…

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Apr 30, 2021

Oynadığım açık ara en kötü oyun "neden oyun oynuyorum?" diye sordum kendi kendime bu leşi oynarken


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Scott ButterworthMay 18, 2016
Ultimately, co-op adds little to the overall package, which is a shame since Homefront definitely needs some help. Its substantial story campaign is impressively rich and its shooting can be tense and fun, but half-baked stealth, an unfulfilling story, and a vast menagerie of technical inadequacies drag the overall experience into disappointing mediocrity.
Leon HurleyMay 17, 2016
An interesting change of pace for a first person shooter that has some nice ideas and mechanics, but can’t quite get everything to sing.
Nick PlessasMay 27, 2016
If you can force yourself to sit down and claw your way through—professional incentive was my personal motivator—the goal the developers sought can be understood. It’s just a shame that those goals are far too weighted down by technical issues and a lackluster narrative. Claims that there are patches right around the corner could give the game the adjustment it needs to be playable, but it is simply not worth the commitment of time or money as it is now.

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