Headliner: NoviNews for Xbox One
Xbox One

Headliner: NoviNews

Dec 11, 2019
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A stack of news article sits on your desk, two stampers on each side - green to approve, red to reject. Your reporting team is hacking away in the background as corporate music plays through the loudspeaker. It's time to make decisions. Will you endorse nationalized healthcare, even though your love interest is worried about increased wait times? Will you demonize the new synthetic alcoholic drink, even though your boss stressed they are an important investor? Will you support current government, as tensions grow between the neighboring country? After work, you emerge on the streets of Novistan, shaped by the very news you publish. Perhaps you will see more graffiti, angry bums or even a riot? Or perhaps you will turn the nation into peaceful utopia, filled with cameras and drones watching your every step? How will your channel address tragic events about to happen? Will you agree to meet the clandestine group of truthtellers, or stop to watch the Prime Minister's speech? 

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James DavieDec 13, 2019
For those who persist with it, Headliner: NoviNews will likely draw you in and surprise you by how the characters react to every choice you make and the multiple ways their fates can be altered come the endgame. The brevity may put some off and the day-to-day repetition will get old fast, but the control you possess is very engrossing and will be the main reason for you to play through the game multiple times. You may not be plugging at it for long, but Headliner is worth a shot because it makes players feel like their actions matter.
Gareth BrierleyDec 11, 2019
I have to say that I enjoyed my time with the game and it’s certainly something deserving of multiple playthroughs, if only so you can unlock as many of the different stories as you can. In fact, I feel like there is a bigger game here waiting to get out, as it doesn’t quite go deep enough in terms of either the narratives or the gameplay. However, if you’re looking for something unique and fancy taking in a great piece of social commentary, then check out Headliner: NoviNews on Xbox One.

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