Has-Been Heroes for Xbox One
Xbox One

Has-Been Heroes

Mar 28, 2017
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Developer: Frozenbyte
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Embark on an epic journey with the Has-Been Heroes, a group of legendary champions once celebrated throughout the kingdom - almost forgotten until the King has one more quest, the most epic of them all: TO TAKE THE TWIN PRINCESSES TO SCHOOL!

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Leif JohnsonMar 24, 2017
There are some good ideas in Has Been Heroes, such as the way it uses multi-lane battlefields to make us use strategies that involve switching between the strengths of three different heroes to achieve victory. It's a recipe for fun that manages to last for a while. Eventually, though, the heavy emphasis on the luck of level generation, the frustrations of enemy repetition, the poor tutorial, and the tendency to overrun you with tough enemies spoil the whole. Hard games are great, but there are limits
William MurphyMar 24, 2017
People keep saying the Nintendo Switch is light on launch games. I think they mean it’s light on big AAA games, because the Indie titles like Has Been Heroes are a bright shining light for great content on the Switch. Even if you don’t have the console, I’d suggest checking out the other versions of Has Been Heroes. If you like games like FTL, Darkest Dungeon, and other unique roguelikes that focus on strategy you’ll be more than pleased. It’ll be nice if Frozenbyte adds more and more to this game, but even if they don’t it’s a great experience.
Nikola SuprakOct 04, 2017
While Has-Been Heroes can draw someone in really quickly, it will wind up losing them just as fast. It's fast and fun, and the mix of roguelike and pseudo-tower defence elements actually work quite well together. The core concept here is entertaining enough, but the lack of variety winds up souring the experience sooner than it should. It doesn't quite capture what makes other roguelikes so addictive, and after it's all finished for the first time, there isn't a tremendous amount to see again in subsequent plays. It is still good for a quick run through every once in a while, but these has-been heroes will likely become has-beens in your gaming library all too quickly.

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