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Hard Reset Redux

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Tom OrryJun 03, 2016
The big question is whether or not a game like Hard Reset Redux has a place in today's market... a market that has recently received the superb Doom. Whereas Doom took the essence of the franchise and smashed it, rather bloodily, into relevance, Hard Reset sticks firmly to its roots. There's space for both, but the old-school shooter is starting to show its age.
Alex Santa MariaJun 08, 2016
Hard Reset Redux remixes the original cyberpunk shooter in smart ways while still retaining what made it unique years ago.
Ken McKownJun 03, 2016
I wanted to love Hard Reset Redux, especially after coming off Doom, which had scratched that 90s FPS itch I have almost annually. There just isn’t enough here to satisfy. Gunplay feels weak, enemies are boring to kill, and the world wears out its welcome quickly. Nothing about this game is overly offensive to the senses, but it just never stands out from the pack either.
Alex EverattJun 03, 2016
Hard Reset Redux‘s campaign should only take six hours or so. For those who enjoy this style of game, it’s possible to squeeze some additional hours by searching for all the secrets, achievement hunting or playing on a harder difficulty. It’s worth mentioning that Hard Reset Redux does an excellent job of reporting how much you missed after each level as well as a “Profile” menu that keeps the more relevant game stats – perfect for perfectionists.
Paul RenshawJun 10, 2016
The presentation of the story, and the story arc itself are highlights, and will drive you to keep playing, but it's possible that once the story is finished there will be no urge to go and play again on a different difficulty setting. This is a game from only five years ago, but it really shows its age. Unless you are a massive cyberpunk fan, this isn't one that we can recommend.
Nicola Ardron Jun 03, 2016
It is clear that the developers want to encourage multiple playthroughs to improve on your score and find all the collectibles and there is just enough in the game to warrant that. The environment and enemies do grow a little tiresome towards the end in their lack of variety, but if I haven’t already mentioned it: blowing stuff up is extremely satisfying.
Alberto PastorJun 08, 2016
Es intenso, desafiante como pocos y sobre todo muy divertido. Si en su día no disfrutaste de Hard Reset o eres fan de la acción de la vieja escuela no lo dudes, este videojuego te lo hará pasar en grande mientras destrozas hordas de máquinas asesinas. ¿Ya lo jugaste? Aunque va corto de novedades, el uso de las esquivas ayuda a mejorar unos tiroteos que ya entonces destacaron por su frenetismo y espectacularidad.
Sergio MartínJun 03, 2016
Se trata de un título muy lineal en lo que a su desarrollo se refiere y que no ostenta una duración acorde con los tiempos que corren pero, si pasáis por alto ambos inconvenientes, descubriréis un título muy gratificante que os hará sumergiros en una atmósfera cyberpunk muy lograda y, para muchos, embriagadora.
Mathias OertelJun 03, 2016
Hard Reset ist auch in seiner Redux-Version ein solider Shooter alter Schule, der vornehmlich von explosiver Dauerfeuer-Action gegen eintönige und sehr tumbe Gegner lebt. Im Vergleich zum fast fünf Jahre alten Original gibt es zwar Verbesserungen der Kulisse, eine neue Waffe, einen neuen Gegnertyp sowie Balance-Änderungen. Doch damit werden die Mankos, die es damals wie heute gibt, nicht beseitigt.
la_redactionJun 09, 2016
A l’exception d’un rééquilibrage de la difficulté et de quelques ajouts épars, l’aventure Redux conserve les forces et les faiblesses du jeu d’origine. La refonte graphique ne transperce jamais l’écran pour nous coller la baffe tant espérée malgré l’utilisation du Roadhog Engine.