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Dec 8, 2021 NEW
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Developer: 343 Industries
Content Rating: Teen


The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite – the next chapter of the legendary franchise beginning holiday 2020! Developed by 343 Industries for the entire Xbox family of devices, including Project Scarlett and Windows PCs, Halo Infinite continues the Halo 5: Guardians storyline and takes the franchise in ambitious and unexpected directions, powered by the all-new Slipspace Engine.

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Jan 1, 2022

one of the best halos

Dec 23, 2021
This review contains spoilers.

The open world aspect of the game is a huge departure for the franchise in my opinion and was nothing like the levels In the original Halo game and the few good ones that followed. Good updated visuals, poor customisation and a lack of basic franchise features in multiplayer.

Dec 14, 2021

Best Halo game from 343 and in many aspects better than what was done in halo in the bungie era

k t

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Jan 10, 2022
Michel de Alcantara

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Luke AlbigesDec 06, 2021
Moment-to-moment gameplay in Halo Infinite feels fantastic, so it's just a bit of a shame that there isn't more to do with those tight mechanics right now. Multiplayer is superb but you likely already know that, and with that element being free-to-play anyway, there's a massive question mark hanging over whether that should even be considered part of the core experience.
Cameron WoolseyDec 06, 2021
W przypadku nowej produkcji Sony pewnie wielu z Was zadawałoby sobie pytanie, czy kampania na kilkanaście godzin w porywach plus dodatkowy czas, który można spędzić w otwartym świecie, warte są swojej ceny. Game Pass rozwiązuje ten problem – nawet jeśli nie łapiecie się na mityczne 4 zeta, to kilkadziesiąt złotych, jakie normalnie kosztuje ten abonament, dalej jest szokująco atrakcyjną ofertą. A przy okazji zdążycie jeszcze w ciągu miesiąca przejść całą serię. Na Waszym miejscu bym się nie wahał – bo co niby macie do stracenia?
Brendan LowryDec 06, 2021
Halo Infinite is familiar yet fresh, traditional yet novel — it's everything a veteran or a new player could ever want from a Halo campaign experience, and I can't recommend it enough. After spending a week with it, I can say it. combined with the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer experience that recently launched on Halo: Combat Evolved's 20th Anniversary, makes for one of the best Xbox games ever made.

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