GreedFall for Xbox One
Xbox One


Sep 10, 2019
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Developer: Spiders
Content Rating: Mature


Engage in a core roleplaying experience, and forge the destiny of a new world seeping with magic, and filled with riches, lost secrets, and fantastic creatures. With diplomacy, deception and force, become part of a living, evolving world - influence its course and shape your story.

Critic Reviews

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Alexander ThomasSep 14, 2019
Greedfall is an ambitious project that sets out to provide a unique RPG experience and on that it delivers. Classless customization, a winding narrative with reputation meters, and a never-before-seen take on fantasy colonialism is a breath of fresh air that delivers on memorable moments. Missions feel varied and strategic, and AI allies can hold their own. The narrative is somber and powerful, and the graphics, while not necessarily top-tier, are still stunning to behold.
Anthony ColeSep 11, 2019
I have enjoyed every moment of this game thus far. There’s been a few hiccups, but overall the game is solid, with its mix of RPG elements and fully obtainable upgrades that can be unlocked how ever you wish. Some wonky voice acting doesn’t distract too much from some great visuals and atmosphere too, really allowing you to get immersed in the world.
Kenneth AraulloSep 11, 2019
GreedFall is easily Spiders at its finest, and fans of the Western RPG genre can easily take enjoyment in its well-written and voice acted narrative as well as the solid combat when it comes to gameplay. It's by no means perfect, with a few hiccups here and there, but in GreedFall's case the great far outweighs the bad to carry the torch of a genre that has lacked a decent entry in quite some time. Extremely decent, and a must-play for any fan of the studio.

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