Game of Thrones: Episode Six - The Ice Dragon for Xbox One
Xbox One

Game of Thrones: Episode Six - The Ice Dragon

Nov 17, 2015

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Developer: Telltale Games
Content Rating: Mature


Your story is about to come to an epic conclusion. With House Whitehill tightening its grip on Ironrath at the behest of Ramsay Bolton, the remaining Forresters must give their all to save the family, whether through diplomacy, subterfuge, or violent force. In the frozen wilds beyond The Wall, Gared learns the secrets of the mysterious North Grove, and Mira discovers that political games in a King's Landing controlled by Cersei Lannister often involve the highest stakes of all. What is the fate of House Forrester? When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Your choices, your story: you decide.

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Ryan MeitzlerNov 24, 2015
Despite some of the more uneven aspects of the series as a whole – its mixed visual style and its sometimes over reliance on recreating events similar to the original television series – “The Ice Dragon” proves to be a finale as satisfying as much as it is incredibly bloody and heartbreaking in many ways.
Luke BrownNov 17, 2015
Fortunately, everything came together in this finale exactly as it should have, and Telltale delivered a compelling and tortuous (in a good way) Game of Thrones story that's able to stand side by side with the show and books.
Jörg LuiblNov 26, 2015
Damit inszeniert dieses Episoden-Adventure genau das, was man von den gnadenlosen Romanen des George R.R. Martin kennt. Drückt man angesichts der vollkommen prüden Inszenierung mal ein Auge zu, verdient Telltale Games für diese konsequent an der Vorlage orientierte Regie ein ebenso großes Lob wie für die erzählerische Leistung, diese Geschichte der Forresters glaubwürdig in das große Ganze der Sieben Königreiche einzuflechten; keine leichte Aufgabe!