Fury Unleashed for Xbox One
Xbox One

Fury Unleashed

May 8, 2020
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Developer: Awesome Games Studio
Content Rating: Teen


A roguelite action platformer where you play through pages of a comic book, and get rewarded for playing like a true hero. Featuring soft permadeath, unique combo system and a mix of hand-designed levels and procedural generation.

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Andrii Maksymets

Andrii Maksymets

May 15, 2020

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Jamie CollyerMay 19, 2020
Fury Unleashed manages to bring some fun combat and exploration to the rogue like genre that, even when a run fails, feels rewarding. A well-executed upgrade system, as well as plentiful loot found along the way, means that it’s rare to not find something new to play with, or a new tactic to use on each go. The comic styling works well too, though the music could’ve been a bit more impactful; a small knock on an otherwise brilliant title.
Daniel HollisApr 21, 2020
While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, Fury Unleashed on Xbox One is a love letter to old school platformers, 80’s action heroes and the truly expressive features of comic books. Adding onto this is the ability to bring a friend along in co-op with a glorious frenzy of bullets. It’s a game that promotes the vision of ‘one more go’ and constantly asks you to push yourself further.
Roy WoodhouseMay 18, 2020
All in all, it may not offer anything particularly inventive, nor is it massively long - but Fury Unleash is still bags of fun and a game that we would happily recommend to any platformer fan, especially one with a friend to hand as we really liked the addition of the local co-op mode.

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