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Darryn BonthuysOct 10, 2019
Without skipping a beat from the original PC game, Frostpunk’s console port is a slick and efficient strategy game of misery and compromise in the coldest apocalypse. You could say it’s the cold standard in console strategy.
Heidi NicholasOct 10, 2019
Frostpunk can be overhelming and would benefit from a longer tutorial, so it’s understandable if those new to the genre find it too tricky. But a well-conceived narrative and premise makes it worth picking up whether you’re new to the genre, or have years of city-building experience behind you.
Richard BarkerOct 23, 2019
Frostpunk is another incredible title from 11 Bit Studios, and an utter triumph for the genre. It’s an incredibly unique and engaging deep dive into the bowels of the icy tundra, a textbook example of emotional storytelling through gameplay. If you can stomach it and face the cold, Frostpunk is an experience you will likely never forget.
Jörg LuiblOct 02, 2019
Frostpunk spielt sich sehr gut auf der PlayStation 4 und Xbox One. Da auch alle Erweiterungen enthalten sind, die teilweise einige Kritikpunkte beheben, heben wir die Wertung nochmal an.
DottorKillexOct 25, 2019
Anche su console, Frostpunk si conferma un prodotto difficile, punitivo ma anche molto ben realizzato ed estremamente soddisfacente. Fatichiamo a consigliarlo indistintamente a tutti i possessori di Xbox One e PlayStation 4 perché appartenente ad un genere di nicchia, peraltro declinato in una maniera unica ed impervia, eppure ogni appassionato di strategia e di sopravvivenza dovrebbe darci un occhio. La raccomandazione è figlia anche alla qualità del lavoro di porting, che, nonostante il cambio di sistema di controllo, non presenta problematiche particolari.
دانیال کریمی طارOct 14, 2019
نسخه کنسولی Frostpunk یک تجربه منحصر بفرد و ناب نه تنها برای طرفداران ژانر استراتژی بلکه تمامی گیمرهایی است که به دنبال تجربه‌های نو در دنیای گیمینگ هستند. هدف در Frostpunk ساخت یک امپراطوری یا غلبه بر دشمنان نیست. اینجا هدف تنها بقا در برابر خشم مادر طبیعت است.


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