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Daniel PerezSep 20, 2016
While previous iterations from the Forza Horizon series were used to first introduce and fine tune the open-world mechanic, Forza Horizon 3 feels like the series grand crescendo as all of that work has lead up to the best Forza game I've ever played. I already was a big fan of the Forza series, but Forza Horizon 3 is beyond anything I could have ever imagined for the series and I can’t wait to discover more of its beautiful world.
Luke ReillySep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is a masterclass in open-world racing and bigger and better than its excellent predecessor across the board. It looks fantastic, the car selection and customisation is second to none, and the size and variety of the sprawling Australian outback is magnificent. Above all, Horizon 3 never loses sight of the fact that tearing through postcard-perfect locations should be fun, and it puts the tools in our hands to keep it that way, always.
Sean EngemannSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon seems to get bigger and better with each new entry to the series, and Forza Horizon 3 is by far the biggest festival yet. It's hard to imagine where developer Playground Games will go if they are given the green light for Forza Horizon 4. But there's little need to worry about that, because we have been blessed right now with the must-have racing game of the current generation, so fun and addicting that it just begs you to take on one more event or cruise through one more gorgeous slice of Australia.
Jaz RignallSep 20, 2016
Bigger and better than its predecessor in every way, Forza Horizon 3 features a beautiful, incredibly diverse landscape, an impressive roster of over 350 meticulously-detailed cars, and an absolute ton of driving activities and challenges. Forza Horizon 3 is without doubt the finest arcade racer yet seen, and it looks set to become one of this generation's greatest games.
Ravi SinhaSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is a compelling, all-round excellent racer that should appeal to both hardcore fans and first time players.
Jeff GrubbSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is the supremely polished product you’ve come to expect from this franchise. It is one of the most feature-rich asynchronous multiplayer games I’ve ever played. I love having all of these ways of competing against my friends, and I think the Blueprint events are a smart way to make the game feel more personal and connected. I plan on making at least a few more missions and sending them to all of my friends after Horizon goes live later this month.
Luke BrownSep 21, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 has everything you could possibly want from a modern racing game, and it just happens to be in the most stunning package we've ever seen. There's so much to do, so much to see, and so many cars to drive, it's a bit overwhelming at times. But then you look up from the asphalt and see the world around you, and it brings a calm over it all. Continuing to build on the solid foundation put in place by previous Forza Horizon and Motorsport games, Playground Games has delivered what could be the ultimate open-world racer in Forza Horizon 3.
Louis ContaldiSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is an unstoppable force of adventure and fun. Throughout my hours and hours of gameplay, I explored desserts, beaches, and festive cities, demolished my fair-share of farms, and blasted Beethoven over the speaker system, all with a goofy smile on my face. This isn’t a game to be missed by Xbox One or PC players, regardless if you are new to the genre or a Motorsport pro.
Mike SplechtaSep 20, 2016
Gorgeous, huge, and extremely customizable. This is truly 'your' Horizon Festival.
Daniel BloodworthSep 28, 2016
Nick TanSep 20, 2016
In the absence of other open-world racing series like Burnout Paradise and Test Drive Unlimited, the Forza Horizon series has steadily become a racing staple, and with Forza Horizon 3, it's now on cruise control. With a revised skill system, a wealth of racing content, and a co-operative campaign, you'll want to bend and curve around every corner in picturesque Australia landscape at least once, even if that's the only time.
Ray CarsilloOct 07, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 pulls out all the stops to provide one of most fluid and enjoyable racing experiences out there. A must have for casual car fans and hardcore gearheads alike, Forza Horizon 3 may even surpass the mainline series in terms of fun with this effort.
David StrackMar 27, 2017
The absolute freedom combined with an appropriate array of cars keeps enjoyment levels up. If the more pro-scene oriented Forza Motorsport 6 is not your cup of tea but you like Forza, or you’re after an excellent racing experience with a wide variety of cars period, look no further than Forza Horizon 3.
Dean JamesSep 20, 2016
The still relatively young Forza Horizon series has been consistently great across its first two entries and Forza Horizon 3 continues that impressive trend with distinctive driving physics that are better than ever and a robust campaign full of different events that takes players across Australia.
Justin TowellSep 20, 2016
A superbly-produced, feature-rich racing game. Too much of it may feel like busywork and filler, but few other racers are this slick or feature-packed, and it certainly has moments of magic.
Andrew ReinerSep 23, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is a delight, and it’s one of those rare racing hybrids that should appeal to gearheads who want deep tuner options and people on the other end of the spectrum who just want exciting arcade-racing action. It’s this generation’s best racer, and my favorite Forza game to date.
Brett MakedonskiSep 20, 2016
That's kind of where Forza Horizon is at right now: It's a series that's consistently enjoyable on an every-other-year cycle. Playground Games' take on Australia falls right in line. It's not quite the leap that the franchise made from the original Horizon to Horizon 2, but it's not on cruise control, either. There's enough variation here -- from the feel of cars to the game modes to the radio stations -- that this is another excellent installment in an always-excellent series.
RichSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 then, as you have probably already guessed, is something rather special. It’s probably as close to perfection as an arcade racer could possibly be. The visuals are simply phenomenal, the sound effects and soundtrack bring aural pleasure to your ears, and the gameplay is infectiously addictive. It’s the type of game that you sit down to play and before you know it three hours have passed in what seems like the blink of an eye.
Jeff GerstmannSep 30, 2016
It's a fantastic-looking game that takes some of the best simulation-style driving to be found on a console and plops it into a great open world. Parts of it could be less repetitive and the PC version seems like it probably needs a patch or two to help smooth things out a bit, but those end up being minor complaints peppered into an otherwise delightful experience.
Colin CampbellSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is as much a driving game as a racing game. Through a superbly realized version of Australia as well as a wide variety of terrain, cars and challenges, this free-roaming car simulation offers a valuable playbox. But it also managed to muster "cor blimey" moments that made me feel a whooping rush of speed and liberation.
Miguel ConcepcionSep 20, 2016
The new emphasis on off-road options isn’t at the expense of traditional races, thanks to the sheer volume of activities. All the while, Playground Games’ calculated kitchen-sink design philosophy and rich reward system persistently tempt you to explore beyond your comfort zone, whether it’s gifting your first Ariel Nomad buggy or reminding you that stunt races can impress thousands of fans.
Tom OrrySep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is a beautiful, immensely entertaining, joyous arcade racer that successfully builds on Playground Games' already tremendous formula.
Robert KollarsSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is good. Really good. The game provides an enormous amount of longevity due to its sheer size, massive mountain of content, lifelike environments, and this all makes it hard to put down the controller or wheel. FH3 doesn’t ask for conformity, in fact it pushes you to do the exact opposite and be who you are in a racing game. This game is about grabbing the wheel, looking out your windshield and telling the world “let’s do this.”
Ken McKownSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is one of the best racing games I have ever played, and somehow continues to prove that this series just keeps getting better. How Playground Games continues to make what already feels like the definitive arcade racing experience even better is beyond my comprehension. If you have any interest in racing games at all, this is a can’t miss title. Now if you will excuse me, I have some bucket list challenges to create.
Adam BeckSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 retains everything we’ve come to love about the open world racer while incrementally improving upon its formula. The leap isn’t as significant as it was between the first two games, but Australia ends up being a highly appealing setting to drive through. From flashy showcase events to championship races, you’ll rarely be bored, and that’s just talking about the single player portion.
Alex EverattSep 20, 2016
In many ways, Forza Horizon 3 is the perfect sequel – it adds enough content to stay fresh, while retaining all the hallmarks that made the previous games so awesome. Using Australia as the back drop was an awesome idea. While the game has a couple missed opportunities, such as the lack of Volkswagen license and lack of split-screen multiplayer.
Gary BaileyDec 19, 2016
A game with the best handling of any racer out there, and a bit of a change in your driving style will likely find you enjoying Blizzard Mountain. Equipping a Lamborghini Centenario with snow tyres will result in one of the most fun drives you’ll have, especially if that drive happens to start at the mountain’s peak. The map may be small, and you can reach the final of the Kingmaker in around 4-6 hours, but the sheer amount of events and content (including more XP boards to smash, as well as a new barn find) will keep you going well beyond the 20 hour mark.
Dominic LeightonOct 03, 2016
The third game in the Forza Horizon series has far exceeded its status as a loud and brash spin-off, becoming a racing title that embodies the best of this generation. Beautiful visuals, pitch perfect gameplay and eternally rewarding, there are few racing games that have ever come close to what Playground Games have achieved with Forza Horizon 3.
Magnus Groth-AndersenSep 20, 2016
That Forza Horizon 3 fails to exceed the promise of its predecessor is of course a little disappointing, but that doesn't make it a bad driving game by any stretch of the imagination. Actually, it shames almost all other driving games out there, and continues to set the bar high.
Mr PinkertonSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is certainly the best of the series so far, and one of the best racers of any kind this generation. And much of that is simply due to how much fun it is to drive around, looking for trouble – rather than worrying about your technical driving skills or your place in the championship.
gamesTMNov 25, 2016
The overall result is a sublime racer, one that far exceeds the expectations of a spin-off series’ threequel. Four years ago, Playground Games set out to humanise the Forza series; to rough it up a bit. Horizon 3 stands tall as a game about cars that isn’t scared to have fun in the name of big engines and nice rims, and raises the bar for open-world racers in the process.
Richard WalkerSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is another stellar open world racing game that has a plethora of things to see and do. Some of it can get somewhat repetitive during prolonged sessions, but Playground Games has really gone to town in packing the game with a variety of events and some great online activities to keep you hooked. Hit the gas and set off on an Aussie racing odyssey. You won't regret it.
Mike CosimanoSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is likely best experienced by recent converts; if you’ve done everything in the previous games, you don’t need to rush out and finish the trilogy. As someone who devoured the previous Forza Horizon games, I spent around 10 hours with Horizon 3 (only got to 25% completion, there’s a lot to do) and I felt like that was a great place to stop. For the rest of the class, Forza Horizon 3 is a great place to satiate your primal lust for high speeds. Have fun, and buy the Lambo first.
Steve FarrellySep 29, 2016
If you’re looking for a game to call home, set in your own home, this is it. But if you’re looking for a game that will keep you playing throughout the year in a variety of creative, engaging and freeform ways, Forza Horizon 3 is definitely what you’re after. This is a strong contender for Game Cobber of the Year, mate.
Baz MacdonaldSep 21, 2016
A beautifully crafted Australian locale combined with an amazing car collection take this entry to the next level. Forza Horizon 3 builds on the driving prowess and open world diversity of its predecessors, taking it to the top of the podium.
chiconuclearSep 20, 2016
Como fuere, Forza Horizon 3 hace suficientes méritos para que uno sea más comprensivo con estas cosas. Y no solo porque herede la buena consideración que se le tiene a los juegos de Turn 10, auténticos imprescindibles de Xbox: Playground ha hecho las cosas bien durante el suficiente tiempo como para que Horizon tenga entidad propia, como para que su relación con Forza Motorsport sea de igual a igual; son dos caras de una misma moneda igual de valiosa.
DefaSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 es uno de esos juegos que simplemente no te puedes perder si estás buscando cómo sacarle jugo a tu Xbox One o en su defecto, a una PC muy bien armada, pues hay que decirlo, el juego se podrá correr a 4K en Windows. Llevamos un buen rato sin tener un racing game del calibre de éste, por lo que si tienes sed de velocidad, simplemente no existe mejor opción, más si tomamos en cuenta que Gran Turismo Sport se ha salido del horizonte de este 2016. Ojalá que todas las exclusivas de las plataformas de Microsoft tuvieran la calidad y fineza de este producto del estudio británico.
Borja AbadieSep 20, 2016
Playground vuelve a deleitarnos con un juego gigantesco y espectacular al que cualquier amante de los juegos de conducción permanecerá enganchado durante meses. Novedades como la campaña cooperativa para 4 jugadores o la creación de carreras y desafíos lo elevan, una vez más, al altar de los juegos de coches de mundo abierto.
Alejandro PascualSep 20, 2016
Pocos juegos encontrarás con un despliegue audiovisual tan apabullante como el que hace gala Forza Horizon 3. Playground ha logrado en esta tercera entrega rescatar lo mejor de su trabajo previo y ofrecer aquello que siempre ha intentado transmitir: libertad. Ahora esa libertad se siente en cada carretera y competición, pero también en poder personalizar cada una de sus pruebas.
Jorge CanoSep 20, 2016
Tanto si ya te gustaba la saga, como si alguna vez has disfrutado de la conducción arcade, Forza Horizon 3 es un juego de coches absolutamente imprescindible. Una auténtica celebración de los títulos de conducción, que vuelven reivindicarse como uno de los géneros más importantes de la historia de los videojuegos.
Gerardo MorenoSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 es un título de carreras divertido, irreverente y que en ocasiones no tiene sentido lo que estás viendo en pantalla, pero esa es la esencia de Horizon, no importa qué hagas o cómo lo hagas, el punto es divertirse y pasar un buen rato sin tener la presión típica de este tipo de juegos que si no tomas bien una curva o no frenas a tiempo, vas a perder la carrera, incluso, llegar en segundo, tercer o hasta cuarto lugar no se siente mal ya que pasaste un buen rato en la carrera.
Juan GarciaSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 continua con la estela marcada por la anterior entrega de esta subsaga de conducción realista para ofrecernos una experiencia jugable única, divertida e interesante que es apta para casi todo tipo de jugadores.
Robin RütherSep 22, 2016
Am meisten Spaß hatte ich nicht etwa in den Rennen, sondern bei den Spritztouren durch die riesige, abwechslungsreiche Welt. Es gibt extrem viel zu tun, die Umgebung ist wunderschön, der Fuhrpark angenehm abwechslungsreich. Ich habe mich mehrfach dabei erwischt, nur noch einen Punkt auf der Karte abklappern zu wollen, um dann am Ende doch wieder in den Bann des Spiels gezogen zu werden. Forza Horizon 3 ist ein Paradies für Rennspielfans, das viele Freiheiten lässt und die Festival-Stimmung ins Wohnzimmer trägt.
EpyonSep 23, 2016
Avant même d'avoir lu ce test ou d'avoir joué à Forza Horizon 3, vous l'aviez compris, la grande force de ce Forza Horizon 3, c'est qu'il parvient à toucher n'importe quel joueur en misant avant tout sur le fun et la liberté. Il ne s'agit pas ici de magie ni de sortilège, mais simplement d'un excellent game design qui fait de ce nouveau Forza non seulement la référence ultime en matière de course arcade, mais aussi l'un des meilleurs titres sortis cette année.
Laurely BirbaSep 22, 2016
Riche, coloré et grisant, Forza Horizon 3 représente sans conteste l’épisode de la maturité. Playground Games a fait preuve d’une maîtrise remarquable, ne serait-ce qu’au niveau de l’immense terrain de jeu qu’est l’Australie. Avec une carte postale pareille, on se demande déjà quelle sera la prochaine destination de la série. Un tel enthousiasme ne peut pourtant pas se justifier par les épreuves toutes repompées des Forza Horizon précédents.
Thomas MéreurSep 20, 2016
Sans avoir l'air de se fouler, Forza Horizon 3 prend tranquillement l'aspiration de son prédécesseur et le dépasse en tous points pour signer cette année un festival spectaculaire et franchement grisant. L'Australie, magnifique, est un terrain de jeu idéal avec des paysages variés et souvent époustouflants.
Julien HubertSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 est une grande réussite, un modèle du genre et un jeu de course incontournable. Au premier coup d'oeil, il peut paraître très proche de son prédécesseur, mais c'est sous-estimer l'apport de son nouveau terrain de jeu, l'Australie, qui offre une diversité exaltante dès les premières minutes de jeu, que ce soit visuellement ou en termes de gameplay.
Felice Di GiuseppeSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 è un videogioco di corse che mette a servizio di tutti il proprio amore per le auto. La formula è quella ormai collaudata e ricca di contenuti della sotto-serie Horizon, con l’aggiunta di tantissime rifiniture che la rendono più personalizzabile, social e connessa che mai.
Andrea CentiniSep 20, 2016
Ricchissimo di contenuti, con un gameplay delizioso e un comparto tecnico-artistico superbo, Forza Horizon 3 entra con pieno merito nella storia dei racing game arcade, strappando lo scettro di re al suo splendido - e tuttora validissimo - predecessore. Qualche lieve sbavatura grafica e i fastidiosi sottotitoli, di concerto con la rimozione del doppiaggio italiano, non possono minare un lavoro svolto con tanta passione e cura maniacale per il dettaglio. Semplicemente sontuoso.
Matteo BussaniSep 21, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 per i Playground Games e TURN 10 Studios, vuol dire alzare l'asticella dei giochi di guida arcade, già definita precedentemente dal secondo capitolo della serie. Una libertà mai vista è l'elemento principe del nuovo Forza, accompagnata da un'eccellenza generale di tutti gli altri elementi, dal sistema di guida alla solidità tecnica del prodotto. La quantità di attività offerte dal gioco è strabiliante e le ambientazioni della terra dei canguri sono affascinanti al punto da tenerci incollati al gioco, a meno di non perdersi di fronte alla pletora di possibili alternative.
Михаил ГорбуновSep 27, 2016
Хорошая: после её выхода Forza Horizon 2 становится не нужна. Плохая: с таким скудным количеством нововведений, серии впору менять не одну цифру в названии, а четыре — Horizon 2016, Horizon 2018. Примерно так, как это делают спортивные симуляторы. Вопросов к ней будет возникать меньше.
Антон ОрловSep 21, 2016
Сухое перечисление всех возможностей игры займет отдельную статью, но для нас важно, что вместе они складываются в увлекательную аркадную гонку. Forza Horizon 3 подсмотрела удачные элементы у конкурентов и совместила их со своим собственным стилем, который заложила еще в первой части. До идеальной, без компромиссов, аркадной гонки осталось совсем чуть-чуть.
Michael BrookhuisSep 23, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 heeft alles in zich om je lang genoeg te vermaken. Nu je zelf de grote baas achter het Horizon Festival bent, kan je veel vormgeven en de game spelen zoals je zelf wil. Het is een genot om de verschillende omgevingen te zien, hoewel het verschil van ondergrond wel wat beter merkbaar had mogen zijn. Australië is goed gescout wegens de vele mogelijkheden die het heeft en deze zijn nagenoeg optimaal benut.
Stefan StuursmaSep 20, 2016
Australië steelt echter de show en laat zien dat je ook Down Under prima kunt racen. Grafisch is Forza Horizon 3 dan ook enorm prachtig, met landschappen waarbij je je vingers kunt aflikken. Forza Horizon 3 is daarmee het meest complete deel uit de serie, en iedereen die racegames een warm hart toedraagt moet deze titel op zijn minst een keer gespeeld hebben.
DMSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 ustanowiła niezwykle wysokie standardy dla gier wyścigowych z otwartym światem i nie zanosi się na razie, by jakakolwiek inna produkcja zdołała jej dorównać. To jak zajęcie pole position, prowadzenie już na pierwszym zakręcie i dalej do samej mety. Użytkownicy pecetów mają w końcu okazję zagrać nie tylko w najlepszą grę w gatunku zręcznościowych wyścigów od lat, ale też w jednego z kandydatów do tytułu gry roku.
Wojciech CygalOct 03, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 jest zdecydowanie jedną z najlepiej dopracowanych gier wyścigowych w historii, a na pewno najlepszą ściganką na obecną generację konsol. Dostępna liczba licencjonowanych wozów nie ma zbyt wielu konkurentów, którzy mogliby się z nią równać. Grafika jest przepiękna, a tereny różnorodne i zachwycające. Wszystko upiększa fenomenalne udźwiękowienie.
Kim OrremarkSep 20, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 är den bästa arkadracingen du kan köpa för pengar just och äger du en Xbox One eller PC och bara är måttligt intresserad av bilar bör du kika på det en extra gång. Det är gigantiskt stort, varierat, snabbt och riktigt, riktigt (riktigt) snyggt. Möjligheten att spela med vänner i co-op skänker ytterligare glädje till ett spel där körkänslan redan är fantastisk från början.
Douglas LindbergSep 27, 2016
Forza Horizon 3 påminner mycket om sina föregångare; det är samma premiss, samma sorts progression och samma känsla i hur det körs. Det som skiljer titlarna åt från varandra är att trean är mer slipad. Det finns mer saker att göra, grafiken är bättre och kontrollen är den bästa jag har upplevt, kanske någonsin, i ett bilspel.