Fortified for Xbox One
Xbox One


Feb 3, 2016

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Developer: Clapfoot
Content Rating: Teen


Fortified is an explosive strategy shooter where players will defend the Earth against a menacing Martian invasion in the 1950s. Play as one-of-four pulp inspired heroes as they fight swarms of terrifying robots with an arsenal of Cold War era weapons and experimental technology. Protect the city by building a network of defensive structures, commanding an army, and jumping into battle against dangerous sky scraping attackers. Fight for Earth alone or with up to four players for the ultimate co-op defense experience.

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Ahmed MohamedFeb 02, 2016
Fortified is compelling enough to get through, in its simple but gratifying gameplay, but it doesn’t offer enough to pull me in. More content, some high quality cut-scenes with an interesting plot, and additions to already existing mechanics and features would turn the game into what it has the potential to be. A grander and more ambitious version of Fortified is what I am looking for, not what is currently on offer.
Jason FanelliFeb 02, 2016
Fortified is by no means perfect, as it has a few quirks that really get under my skin. However, when it's time to lock and load against the Martians it's a challenging little game that tests my strategic mind just as much as my trigger finger. The '50s kitsch is a nice throwback to the B-movie genre as well, to the point where this would make a pretty good flick.
Drew LeachmanFeb 02, 2016
Fortified is a fun little romp for about six or seven hours. After that time, players will have already unlocked most of the traps and weapon upgrades for the four classes that are available. They will start to notice that many traps are reused for each class, but choosing the right load out is essential for matching up with your partners’ load outs.

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