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Flipping Death

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Alexander ThomasAug 12, 2018
Flipping Death is a humor-laden puzzle platformer full of heart that I couldn’t stop playing. With an inspired and eye-catching art style, great dialogue, simple controls, and a wild and fun narrative, the only downside to the game is its minor teleportation problems that are easily worked around. Characters abilities are fun to utilize and each person in town is their own special brand of adorably weird that makes you care just a little more about them.
Jamie CollyerAug 12, 2018
An absolutely enjoyable puzzle platformer that has charm, style and enough funny, well written dialogue to propel a simple, yet effective story. Beautiful art and designs round out the package neatly, however, some poor physics-based puzzles and repetitive music lets the experience down a little. That said, it’s certainly worth a play through nevertheless.
Richard SeagraveAug 09, 2018
The combination of puzzles and platforming is a winning one, especially when served with lashings of humour. Expanding upon the mechanics first introduced in Stick it to the Man, there’s nothing else quite like Flipping Death out there, making it a compelling adventure for gamers that like things out of the ordinary. Plus, how often do you get to play as Death?
Cam SheaAug 07, 2018
If you like your games with an offbeat sense of humour and plenty of personality, Flipping Death comes recommended. Its central game design hook of flipping between life and death makes for an interesting world to navigate and puzzles to solve, and its characters are so oddball and endearing you’ll want to hear every conversation in full, not to mention find out how it all ends.
Kristian Greiner ÅdnesenAug 12, 2018
This is a game that doesn't overstay its welcome and doesn't outlast its own capacity to entertain. Towards the end, it has definitely used up all its party tricks and has to resort to sacrificing fart sounds on the gallows of humour, but even this has its darkly funny appeal.
A.J. MaciejewskiAug 14, 2018
Flipping Death is an innovative and enjoyable game on many levels. Its intricate stages, fantastic sense of humour, and ridiculous scenarios make it a must-have game for anyone who enjoys these kinds of interactive experiences.
Yann BernardAug 16, 2018
Une histoire mortelle en toile de fond d'un univers facétieux dans tous les sens du terme, habité de personnages délirants avec leurs épineux tracas, Flipping Death respire indubitablement la cohérence en matière de jeu d'aventure, la preuve que le genre n'appartient pas encore au monde des défunts.
matus_aceSep 18, 2018
Ak by som mal na hre nájsť ďalšie chyby, budú to malé nepríjemnosti. Napríklad kamera občas hlúpo odzoomuje, či sa zas príliš priblíži k nejakému objektu. Tu a tam sa niekde zaseknete, ani nie pri platformingu, ale pri niektorých špeciálnych činnostiach, no sami sa aj „odseknete“. Niektoré činnosti založené na fyzike vás ale budú hnevať najviac, napríklad, keď budete pľuť s lamou a snažiť sa niekoho trafiť.