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Brett PhippsSep 23, 2014
FIFA 15 has gameplay problems, but it can also play some sublime football. However, single-player's continued stagnation leaves a sour taste in the mouth. If goalkeepers can be addressed, EA will remain the football king. Right now, FIFA's at risk of being clawed back in the title race.
Trevor HoustonSep 23, 2014
FIFA 14 was an impressive launch game last fall for next generation consoles. With a little more time under their belt the development team have managed to up-the-ante with FIFA 15. While the changes may not be as robust as we have seen in previous installments in the franchise, there is no question FIFA 15 has firmly cemented itself as the best soccer game on the planet.
Owen S. GoodOct 06, 2014
Longtime fans may be restless for new modes of play — particularly an online franchise mode that never seems to materialize — but FIFA's success has provided a strong case for not fixing that which isn't broken. The main difference with FIFA 15 is how it sells what it has changed. FIFA 15 layers on atmospheric changes like television presentation and player reactions to highlight what already works rather than tamper with it.
Chris SchillingSep 23, 2014
FIFA 15 remains one of the most impressively comprehensive sport simulations around, and on new-gen hardware it really is the beautiful game. But while some of FIFA 15’s refinements are worthwhile – and a tangible improvement on FIFA 14 – its flaws stand out all the more. In some ways it’s a step forward, in others a step back - and with Konami’s PES seemingly in resurgent form, EA Sports can’t afford to take its eye off the ball.
Devin CharlesOct 01, 2014
Simply because the World Cup is mentioned in this year’s installment, I’d say add this to your collection, but if you’re neck deep in collected items from last year’s title, sticking with the old might not be a bad idea.
Alex DaleSep 24, 2014
FIFA is always at its best when the pitch is tilted in the attacking side's favour, and this year's is a peach. It's not the 'true' next-gen FIFA we've been waiting for, but it's as dynamic and thrilling as any entry in the series thus far.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioSep 23, 2014
It doesn’t feel like you are actually playing a new game in the franchise, rather it feels very much like you are playing an updated and expanded version of last year’s game. This is probably enough for some FIFA fans out there. However, for a casual soccer player like me, I was less impressed.
Mike HolmesSep 24, 2014
A few years ago FIFA was dangerously close to perfection, at least relative to what had come before. ...It's not the wholesale improvement we were hoping for, a bold step into the new-gen, but rather a shuffle forwards, held back by the weight of previous instalments and a scaled down old-gen running mate. FIFA 15 is a good game, make no mistake, it's just not a great game; it looks like we're going to have to wait at least another year for that.
Dan WebbSep 24, 2014
While not as an impressive leap forward as FIFA 14 on next-generation consoles, FIFA 15 is still a solid package. The gameplay might have taken a sideways or even slightly backwards step, but at the moment, this is the closest to the beautiful game we have in terms of presentation and delivery. For now.
Ken BarnesSep 24, 2014
You can spend hours building your team, arranging tactics, conducting transfers and generally preparing for a match, only to watch it all be for nothing as your keeper folds under seemingly non-existent pressure. A game without a goalkeeper slip-up is still a much better game than you'd find anywhere last year, but those slip-ups happen too often for our liking. Still a fantastic game for football fans, but probably not one that those prone to tantrums should play.
James FurlongOct 23, 2014
FIFA is a game about making you feel like a superstar. The game excels at creating moments that induce feelings of immense pleasure from periods of extended play. While the game is essentially the same old FIFA you know and love, it’s a testament to the formula that it never seems to get old. With every feature you can imagine still here and improved, and more added for this year’s iteration, you’re left with a solid football game that gives you all the tools to enjoy playing for another year.
HoopsOct 02, 2014
Despite its shortcomings, this is the best FIFA experience in years. FIFA 15 wants everything to be big, bright and shiny. And for many people, that’s football. For others, they come to FIFA seeking an authentic simulation of football; attending a midweek match, hoping for promotion and fearing relegation.
Álvaro CastellanoSep 25, 2014
El caso es que no todas las funcionalidades que se han incorporado funcionan al mismo nivel, y si bien hay algunas destinadas a mejorar la experiencia como los porteros o los disparos, hay otras que no acaban de funcionar con idéntico éxito. ¿Por lo demás? Un videojuego con infinitas horas de entretenimiento, y perfecto para invertir tiempo a través de internet o con nuestros amigos.
Javi AndrésSep 25, 2014
Con versión por fin para PC al máximo nivel y mismos contenidos que en PS4 y Xbox One, esta nueva entrega amplía, reajusta y perfecciona modos y particularidades de manejo, pero no va todo lo lejos que podría corriendo en nuevas máquinas y se aprecia que EA Sports continúa guardándose cartas para los sucesivos, como mejoras en los porteros realmente revolucionarias, más Selecciones que se echan en falta o una IA no siempre realista para equipos medianos.
Jörg LuiblSep 25, 2014
All das zeigt auf, warum FIFA 15 dieses Jahr keinen Award erobern kann. Aber, aber, aber: Auf dem Platz ist das immer noch ein richtig gutes Fußballspiel, das sich auch anders anfühlt. Man erlebt einen schnelleren, offensiveren und unberechenbareren Kick als noch im Vorjahr - allerdings bei identischer Steuerung. ...Trotzdem inszeniert EA nicht nur das Tempo, das Halten und Ziehen sehr gut, zumal die Physis eines Spielers im Gerangel spürbarer ist.
Benjamin JakobsSep 23, 2014
Alles in allem liefert EA auch mit FIFA 15 wieder ein wunderbares Fußballspiel ab, das in den richtigen technischen und spielerischen Bereichen verbessert wurde und die Matches sowie Spieler nun deutlich lebendiger wirken lässt. ...Gleichermaßen beweist das Spiel, wie sehr es von den neuen Konsolen und ihrer leistungsstärkeren Hardware profitieren kann.
AnagundSep 26, 2014
Clairement, FIFA 15 ne restera pas dans les annales comme un des meilleurs épisodes de la série. L'omniprésence de problèmes vieux de plusieurs épisodes et le manque de nouveautés devraient interdire de vendre cet opus plein pot. Les quelques améliorations, au niveau des animations et des menus notamment, ne sont pas suffisantes. Alors oui, FIFA 15 reste un excellent jeu de foot, mais de là à recommander son achat quand le 14 est disponible pour trois fois moins cher, c'est tout autre chose.
Florian VelterSep 24, 2014
FIFA 15 est une excellente simulation de football, la meilleure à ce jour pour être tout à fait honnête. Mais ce n'est pas vraiment l'épisode révolutionnaire attendu, celui qui nous ferait entrer dans une nouvelle ère du ballon rond, que ce soit techniquement ou au niveau des sensations de jeu.
Vítor AlexandreOct 14, 2014
Isto posto, FIFA 15 é uma experiência futebolística claramente alicerçada na nova geração de plataformas mas não isenta ou suficientemente demarcada das anteriores. A EA Sports optou, nesta fase, por concentrar o esforço na melhoria dos gráficos, ambiente dentro do estádio e pormenores com reflexo na jogabilidade, mas em nenhum destes tópicos atinge o grau de proximidade com as expectativas que edições anteriores da série alcançaram, nomeadamente as edições 13 e 14.
Mattia RavanelliSep 25, 2014
FIFA 15 non fa rivoluzioni e, anzi, si dimostra più conservativo di quanto non fosse lecito aspettarsi, anche a fronte di quanto promesso inizialmente da Electronic Arts. Il gioco sul campo è ancora più fluido e la solita pletora di nuove animazioni rende le partite più dinamiche e meno prevedibili.... Nella sua relativa pigrizia, però, FIFA 15 si scopre, come da tradizione recente, ancora capace di divertire per mesi interi e di appassionare senza mollare la presa sul giocatore.
Luca ForteSep 30, 2014
Dopo le prime ore di ambientamento, FIFA 15 ha mostrato le sue qualità. Il gameplay è stato modificato molto e una volta scesi a patti con il nuovo ritmo abbiamo cominciato a divertirci. Una volta registrata la fase difensiva e trovati gli interpreti giusti in squadra, siamo riusciti a ottenere i primi risultati, scoprendo un gioco divertente, veloce, con un motore fisico ulteriormente migliorato.
Yvo KievietOct 09, 2014
FIFA 15 is een verbetering ten opzichte van zijn voorganger. De voetbalgame is sfeervoller, speelt een stuk soepeler en de bijgeschoolde doelmannen besparen je op zijn minst een gesneuvelde controller. En als fervente FIFA-liefhebber bedek je waarschijnlijk zoals elk jaar de onvolkomenheden in de game met de mantel der liefde. Toch overheerst het knagende gevoel dat je FIFA 14: Remastered aan het spelen bent.