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FAR: Lone Sails

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Tom MarksAug 16, 2019
Far: Lone Sails is a gorgeous little game. Like the machine that acts as your stalwart partner the whole way through, it can be clunky at times, but any bumps in the road are easily paved over thanks to some beautiful environments, plenty of exciting encounters, and the absolutely stunning music that accompanies it all. Its full of stressful challenges that made me truly care for the vehicle that carried me through them, and very few games have matched the moments of absolute bliss that come from unfurling my sails and peacefully cruising along with its fleeting fair winds.
Mark SherwoodMar 25, 2019
Far: Lone Sails is a game that says a great deal without ever uttering a single word. Much like Dear Esther, it’s a journey that can be interpreted in many ways, and as such, your view of its gorgeously desperate world will constantly vary throughout. It’s a shame, however, that such a compelling canvas is slightly held back by its simplicity and its short length. Still, it’s a fascinating tale that deserves attention, just don’t expect too much from its gameplay.
Magnus Groth-AndersenMay 20, 2019
FAR: Lone Sails is not a very long journey to complete. In fact, it only spans a few hours and we were left wanting more. We felt as though the potential of the game hadn't been fully realised as the end credits started rolling. In addition, we also wanted the okomotive to get an extra upgrade or two, strengthening the incentive to maintain it throughout the journey. The game might be a short one, but it most definitely deserves your attention.
J.D.Apr 10, 2019
FAR: Lone Sails se presenta como un título donde lo importante no son las horas que le dediquemos (se puede terminar en un par de tardes tranquilamente) ni unos gráficos 4K, tampoco lo pretende. En tiempo de juegos infinitos, plantea una historia que sabe recompensar a los que escuchan y un mensaje que nunca debemos olvidar: sigue nadando, sigue nadando…
Benjamin SchmädigApr 16, 2019
Inspiriert von Journey, Limbo und anderen Abenteuern besticht FAR: Lone Sails auch auf PlayStation 4 und Xbox One mit bezaubernd leiser Musik und starkem Artdesign – nicht nur oberflächlich, sondern weil es mit ausdrucksvollen Bildern vielsagende Geschichten erzählt. Die fast monochrome Kulisse hinterlässt auch deshalb einen bleibenden Eindruck, weil man nicht nur hindurch spaziert, sondern das lebenswichtige Gefährt von Hand betreibt, es betankt, ausbaut, repariert und Momente genießt, in denen die idyllische Einsamkeit wie ein beseelter Traum vorbeizieht.