F1 2015 for Xbox One
Xbox One

F1 2015

Jul 21, 2015
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Compete as your favorite Formula One star in the new Championship Season and push yourself to the limit in the challenging Pro Season mode. Hone your skills in the new Online Practice Session, and then challenge your friends and racing rivals from across the world in Online Multiplayer.

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Robert KollarsJul 22, 2015
The graphics are very well done, but somewhat inconsistent, and the overall sound of the game is terrific. The controls are superb, whether using a controller or wheel. The immersion factor is a bit less than what was promised, but F1 2015 does a good job of re-creating the spectacle that is an F1 championship weekend. In short, Codemasters was very honest and upfront about what F1 2015 was going to be at launch.
Matthew KatoJul 21, 2015
Once again, Codemasters has created an F1 game that's true to the studio's driving pedigree, but fails on other fronts. It looks nice and drives well, but unless you're so caught up in the F1 season that you absolutely have to sate your cravings with a video game, you may have already played this game and put it down.
Steve HannleyJul 21, 2015
Alas, we now have two F1 games released within mere months of each other that both feel incomplete. F1 2015 does restore much of the goodwill to the franchise, however, as it proves Codemasters’ current-gen engine is a worthy successor that makes racing feel more realistic than ever before. Unfortunately, the visuals aren’t as advanced as they could be and a proper career mode and classic modes are sorely missed.

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