Extinction for Xbox One
Xbox One


Apr 10, 2018

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Content Rating: Mature


From time immemorial, the world has been at war. For generations, humans have fought one another for land and riches while our true enemies have lurked in the distance: throngs of ravenous monsters standing 150 feet tall that aim to destroy our kind. Only those trained in the ways of the ancient order stand a chance at defeating these monstrosities, known colloquially as "ogres." You are one of the world’s last defenders, a warrior named Avil equipped with the skill, speed and strength to oppose the endless wave of Ravenii and prevent a fate worse than death: Extinction.

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13 Reviews
Peter BrownApr 09, 2018
Extinction shoots itself in the foot time and time again. It's so frustrating to see its good ideas buried under repetitive missions, a forgettable story, and embarrassing production values for its AAA price. Play one hour of it and you've basically done a bit of everything it has to offer; then it's rinse and repeat for as long as you can bear to stick with it. It's a frail and monotonous game destined for the bargain bin.
Kyle LeClairApr 09, 2018
Quick combat, challenging battles, and an opportunity for strategic gameplay are all sadly bogged down by monotonous missions, generic ground troops and a few cheap shots. While the game is still decent overall and possibly worth taking a peek at, here’s hoping such a killer concept can be executed more expertly down the road.
Alex Santa MariaApr 10, 2018
Extinction is really a tale of two scales. As a small arcade experience all about defending your city as long as possible, everything clicks. It could still use some further variety, maybe a power-up or two, but it works. As a full-scale game with a story campaign and a retail package, Extinction is a repetitive slog. The dialogue is uninteresting and skippable. Missions are a crapshoot due to procedural generation.

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