EA Sports UFC for Xbox One
Xbox One

EA Sports UFC

Jun 17, 2014

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Developer: EA Vancouver
Content Rating: Teen


A mixed martial artist’s mind is as important as his heart. Every licensed fighter in the game will have changing goals and fight plans, based on their real-life tendencies and each fight situation. Stop their Plan A, and they will adapt to Plan B or C. Down on the scorecards, look for the AI to end the fight with a knockout or a submission. A smarter opponent equals a more challenging and unpredictable fights.

Critic Reviews

16 Reviews
Angelo M. D'ArgenioJun 17, 2014
In the end, you just can’t take EA Sports UFC all that seriously, and if you can manage that, it’s a pretty fun distraction to play with friends and fans of the sport. However, if you are looking for a lot of replay value or a deep strategic fighting experience, then you are probably climbing into the wrong ring.
Trevor HoustonJun 17, 2014
It is a complex sport so it comes as no surprise the control scheme is somewhat daunting requiring practice and that little thing called patience. UFC is not as refined as an experience it could be and compared to other sports franchises it lacks in the depth department; however, there is no question EA Sports UFC game is fun to play and overall is a satisfying fighter.
Anthony DeCiccoJun 23, 2014
EA Sports UFC really is the next step for UFC in gaming. You’ll really feel a part of the UFC world. The presentation is fantastic, with videos from various fighters and trainers talking to the player is a really nice touch. The graphics and sound add to the atmosphere to every fight, as you will hear every hammerfist, flying kick or elbow throughout the game. EA Sports UFC is a must have for any fan of the sport, despite the few shortcomings that it may have. Also, it has Bruce Lee.

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