EA Sports UFC 3 for Xbox One
Xbox One

EA Sports UFC 3

Feb 2, 2018

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Developer: EA Sports
Content Rating: Teen


EA SPORTS UFC3 revolutionizes fighting movement with Real Player Motion Tech, a new gameplay animation technology that delivers the most fluid and responsive motion ever. Every punch, kick, block, and counter has been recaptured and rebuilt on cutting-edge animation tech to look and feel life-like and responsive, delivering the most strategic, competitive fighting experience in franchise history. In G.O.A.T. Career Mode, players can build fight hype to gain fans, earn cash to train at new gyms, and create heated rivalries with other fighters to capture the world's attention. How you promote outside of the Octagon matters as much as how you perform inside of it as you progress to becoming the Greatest of All Time. In addition, an all-new suite of customizable multiplayer modes let you and your friends get into the Octagon and face off in fast, fun, intense bouts where a highlight-reel knockout is always one strike away and victory can happen in the blink of an eye.

Critic Reviews

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Mark SherwoodFeb 04, 2018
EA Sports UFC 3 is a solid entry that’s accessible, fluid, and content rich. The visuals and audio go hand in glove to deliver an authentic representation of the sport, but the formula is still far from perfect. With that being said, despite its flaws, this is as good as it gets for fans of MMA and a step in the right direction for the series.
Ken McKownJun 24, 2014
EA’s first foray into UFC lays the groundwork for an amazing follow-up. The visuals are stellar, and the controls, while overly complicated, at least bring all the complexity of the sport with them. With a more robust career mode, some tweaked controls and a few more modes, EA could turn this into another pillar title for their sports lineup. As it stands today, UFC is a title that only the most die-hard fans are going to want to take the time to invest in.
Brian SheaJan 30, 2018
By building on its already strong foundation and adding meaningful new gameplay and modes, UFC 3 delivers a terrific MMA experience from top to bottom. Whether you want to play against a friend in a single bout or develop a fighter from local favorite to greatest all time, UFC 3 allows you to live out the fantasy of stepping into the Octagon like never before.

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