Double Kick Heroes for Xbox One
Xbox One

Double Kick Heroes

Aug 28, 2020
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Developer: Headbang Club
Content Rating: Teen


Double Kick Heroes mixes a shoot\'em up with a rhythm game. You must survive on the highway to hell by killing monsters with your gundillac. Only the power of METAL can save your band!

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Aug 21, 2021

Great game with excellent music

Jun 2, 2021

Double Kick Heroes is a zombie killing Rhythm game. You can either play story mode or jump Straight to the arcade mode.

The story is decent,the gameplay is quite disappointing, i'm a Fan of rhythm games but i don't see Double kick heroes fun or special to Other rhythm games like Rhythm Doctor.

Don't let this review discourage you from playing,Try it. Plus it's free for Xbox GamePass Members.

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Leo FariaSep 15, 2020
It just doesn’t work as well as it should on a controller, reminding me of how annoying Guitar Hero was on a Dualshock back in 2005. If you decide to play Double Kick Heroes on lower difficulties, you won’t be presented with any semblance of a challenge, but at least you’ll be able to enjoy a pretty funny game with a phenomenal selection of metal bangers.
Graham CameronAug 19, 2020
Double Kick Heroes is a decent rhythm game with plenty of challenge and is considerably tricky to master. It has a fun zombie story line with a nod to Romero’s classics. The metal tracks are decent to listen to if you are a fan of the genre, and it is fun to play along to at the correct difficulty level. It probably would have been easier to play with a makeshift instrument device, but the experience isn’t lessened by playing with a controller.
Ben BaylissAug 12, 2020
Double Kick Heroes is a great little game for fans of bashing their buttons and keys along with fast-paced heavy metal, and the zombie aesthetic feels well handled. I like how you’re able to adjust the game a bit to make for a more enjoyable experience that you can handle, and I’d hope to see more guest bands joining to fold in Hellgate. It’s a game that does sometimes feel unforgiving and you should probably get your hand muscles worked up in preparation.

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