Disco Elysium for Xbox One
Xbox One

Disco Elysium

2021 SOON

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Developer: ZA/UM
Content Rating: Rating pending


DISCO ELYSIUM is a groundbreaking blend of hardboiled cop show and isometric RPG. Solve a massive, open ended case in a unique urban fantasy setting. Chase down leads, interrogate suspects, or just get lost exploring the gorgeously rendered city of Revachol. What kind of cop you are — is up to you.

Critic Reviews

4 Reviews
Jason FaulknerNov 27, 2019
If you’re someone who doesn’t “like to read” or wants a lot of action in their games, Disco Elysium might not be the best pick. It does an excellent job of bridging the worlds of literature and gaming, and offers a unique blend on the venerable CRPG formula. However, its design does limit its appeal somewhat. It’s not a game that seeks to universally please, but that’s okay. Those who dig CRPGs and don’t mind some heavy reading with fall in love with Disco Elysium. I know I did.
Lisa DahlgrenNov 17, 2019
Disco Elysium pulled on our heartstrings, hit us hard with its incredible humour, blew our minds with its deep and exceptionally well-written narrative and dialogue, and managed to convince us, through forced dialogue with our very senses, that every task was equally important. We would have thought that to be a tough task, considering there was a corpse hanging from a tree for weeks while we were out looking for a pair of armour-set gloves to sate our curiosity. Disco Elysium makes you the narrator of your own story and it's one of the best games we've experienced in a long time.
Albert ManjónOct 21, 2019
Ser un buen o mal detective nunca había tenido tanta repercusión sobre las acciones y decisiones del jugador. La profundidad de la que goza el guion del juego y cómo podemos tratar y posicionarnos ante temas tan delicados como el racismo o las drogas, convierten a Disco Elysium en un juego de rol singular y de gran calidad. Y mientras este es su gran pro también es su gran contra. Un juego que sin duda ahuyentará a un porcentaje altísimo de la comunidad de jugadores, un juego que no es para ellos y del que seguro no disfrutarán, contando además con el añadido de venir totalmente en inglés.

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